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    Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) Solution

    Providing secure and reliable basic networks for railways, enriching industry applications, and facilitating their digital transformation.


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90 service continuity

Future evolution

The same software and hardware platform supports both 4G and 5G and future-oriented smooth evolution, which can protect your investment

icon secure reliable

High security and reliability

Board-, device-, and network-level redundancy design for 99.999% reliability, meeting the security and reliability requirements of railway services

Long-Distance Coverage

Wide coverage

MIMO technology and high-power terminal design boost network coverage by 60%. Existing site infrastructure is fully used, reducing the CAPEX

Ultra-High Bandwidth

High bandwidth

LTE broadband technology is introduced to support up to 100 Mbps data transmission, enriching railway applications, such as intelligent management, intrusion detection, precise positioning, and status monitoring.


product 01

NetEngine 8000 Series Routers

Next-generation, full-service, intelligent routers designed to serve as enterprise WAN core nodes, large enterprise network access nodes, DCI nodes, and campus or large-scale IDC network egress.

product 02

EV751 Vehicle Radio

EV751 is an integrated vehicle-mounted station for broadband trunking services on enterprise networks. It has a 5-inch semi-transparent semi-reflective TFT screen and supports P2P calls, group calls, DMO, SMS, MMS, broadband data access, smart Apps, interconnection with vehicle-mounted cameras, and multi-service concurrency.

product 03

EP821 Broadband Trunking Handset

EP821 is a high-end broadband trunking hand-held terminal with a large screen, that provides powerful functions including private calls, group calls, SMS and MMS, broadband data access through LTE enterprise net and public net, video dispatching services, and concurrent transmission of multiple services. The EP821 provides a high-luminance 5-inch touchscreen and runs the Android Operating System (OS). The EP821 can be widely used in many industries that have no special requirements, to provide professional trunking dispatch, multimedia dispatch, and broadband data transmission functions.


DBS5900 Distributed Base Stations

The DBS5900 is a wireless access device for the eLTE wireless broadband private network solution. It provides wireless access functions, including air interface management, access control, mobility control, and user resource allocation. The DBS5900 can meet the needs of industry users for wireless broadband access and multimedia critical communication, and obtain better coverage and user experience. The DBS5900 adopts a modular structure, with the baseband unit BBU and remote radio unit RRU deployed separately. The DBS5900 has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, flexible installation, and rapid deployment.

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