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    Enterprise Telephony Solution

    Comprehensive communications system for enterprises


  • Overview
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Continuous Security

Three-level assurance for 99.999% reliability

• Process-level, board-level, and device-level service assurance mechanism to ensure reliability
• 1+1 geographic redundancy
• Carrier-class reliability (99.999%)

0190 business function rich

Abundant service capabilities

• Traditional PSTN services and 150+ supplementary services
• Multimedia services (video, audio and video conferencing, multimedia ringback tones, etc.)

Customer Trust

Diverse interoperability capabilities

• 10+ standard protocols allow for interoperability with existing devices
• Seamless interconnectivity with carriers

Optical Access

Multi-terminal (fixed and mobile) access capabilities

• Service types: POTS, SIP, PBX, VoLTE, and VoNR
• Terminal types: IP phone, IP PBX, IAD, desktop terminal, conference terminal, and mobile phone