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    4G/5G Converged
    Private Core Network Solution

    Building highly reliable, secure, and resilient dedicated core networks for industry customers


  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Architecture


Open Architecture

Cloud-native architecture and 4G/5G convergence, for smooth service migration

• The cloud-native architecture allows for flexible deployment and scheduling of core network resources, which slashes initial network construction costs and facilitates flexible service expansion
• Dynamic sharing of 4G and 5G resources enables services to migrate with almost no interruption

High Reliability

Secure and reliable solutions, seamless services

• Uncompromised dual-DC hot backup achieves 99.999% reliability
• No service interruption, even in the event that network traffic grows by 64 times

business continuity

Service provisioning within 2 hours, remote centralized upgrades

• Edge nodes support plug-and-play, and services can be provisioned within 2 hours
• Automatic upgrade tools allow for remote, centralized device upgrades