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    Ein stabiles Ultra-Gigabit-Heimnetzwerk


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Huawei FTTR for Home Solution

As 200 Mbit/s or higher home broadband becomes the mainstream, requirements surge for home services such as online education, video, remote office, and e-sports. Against this backdrop, home users require Wi-Fi networks that feature high bandwidth, low latency, wide coverage, and high concurrency.

Huawei's fiber to the room (FTTR) solution extends fibers to rooms and provides various gigabit Wi-Fi 6 master/slave FTTR units, all-optical components, and optical cable routing tools. This enables home users to enjoy stable gigabit Wi-Fi experience from anywhere in the home.

In addition, FTTR supports end-to-end intelligent management. NCE and the LinkHome app help home users learn about the home network status in real time, as well as support parental control to safeguard children when they use the Internet.


easy to deploy


• Einfache Bereitstellung von Glasfaserverbindungen in jedem Raum Fibers extended to each room, easy to deploy
• Der Stromverbrauch sinkt damit um 20 %

Fusion of IoT and Wi-Fi

Vollständige Gigabit-Abdeckung

• Wi-Fi 6 160 MHz Frequenzband
• Getestete Rate von 1+ Gbit/s in jedem Raum

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Reibungsloses Wi-Fi-Roaming

• Glasfaser und verteilte Architektur für reibungsloses Roaming im gesamten Haus
• Latenz unter 50 ms


Intelligente Fehlerbehebung

• Intelligente O&M-Plattform für einfache und transparente Verwaltung
• Mehr als 70 Anwendungen inklusive elterlicher Kontrolle für den Internetzugang ihrer Kinder


FTTR is Huawei's innovative next-generation home networking solution.
This solution uses fibers that feature small size, light weight, ultra-long service life, anti-EMI, and unlimited bandwidth evolution. It solves the last-meter coverage problem of home networks and provides a new choice for home networking.

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