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    Huawei FTTO Solution for Healthcare

    All-Optical Evolution, Building an All-Optical Base for Smart Hospitals


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Huawei FTTO Solution for Healthcare, Building an All-optical Base for Smart Hospitals

With the emergence of IoT hospitals, smart medical treatment, and mobile clinical services, the network construction of medical information systems form information silos. In addition, electromagnetic interference exists on active networks, and the bandwidth, latency, and reliability cannot meet the service requirements of modern hospitals.

Based on Fifth-Generation Fixed Network (F5G) technologies, the Huawei Fiber to the Office (FTTO) solution for healthcare provides an all-optical network that features multi-service convergence, efficient O&M, and unified management. It supports high-speed transmission of massive data, anti-electromagnetic interference, and future-oriented smooth evolution.

Gain the Edge

End-to-end Networking

Simplified architecture
"Natural" cloud-based architecture

• 3 layers to 2 layers, fiber to the room, easy service expansion
• Active devices replaced by passive ones, 80% less ELV room space, 80% lower fault rate

Fusion of IoT and Wi-Fi

Ultra-fast broadband
Image reading and downloading efficiency increased 30-fold

• Symmetric 10 Gbit/s upstream and downstream transmission, thousands of CT images downloaded within one second
• 10G→20G→50G, future-oriented smooth evolution

Integrated Design

Simplified O&M
O&M efficiency increased by 60%

• Integrated bearing of POTS, CATV, and IP services
• Unified management of office, healthcare, and security networks

Continuous Security

Ultimate security
Secure links and data

• Difficult packet capture on fiber networks, AES encryption, ensuring secure services
• Hard pipes for service isolation, dedicated private network, hierarchical protection


Based on the passive optical LAN (POL) technology, the Huawei FTTO solution for healthcare extends optical fibers directly to wards, offices, and CT rooms, etc. Optical network units (ONUs) support multiple services, provide 10G private lines for CT image backhaul, and implement cloud migration within seconds, improving the image reading efficiency 30-fold.
The solution supports hard pipes based on time division multiplexing (TDM) and integrates the extranet, intranet, and device network, ensuring network information security and greatly improving O&M efficiency.

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Optischer Netzwerk-Zugang

Basierend auf der PON-Technologie ermöglichen passive optische Netzwerkszugangs-Lösungen einen Zugang über alle Medien, jeweils zugeschnitten auf Unternehmen, ISPs und MSOs.

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Optischer Netzabschluss

Optische Konnektivität für jedes Haus, jedes Unternehmen und jeden Campus: OptiXstar bringt Menschen zusammen und macht Unternehmen effizienter.

GPON and eLTE Access Management

Zugangsverwaltung für GPON & eLTE

Unterstützt die Verwaltung und Überwachung des GPON- und eLTE-Breitbandzugangsnetzwerks. eSight gewährleistet den stabilen Betrieb der GPONs und eLTE-Netzwerke durch die Überwachung von ONU, OLT, Uplink und Ports der GPONs sowie der eNodeBs, der Core-Netzwerke und der CPE von eLTE-Netzwerken.

Real-World Success