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    Intelligent Office Conference-Lösung

    Für eine besser Kommunikation & Zusammenarbeit


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Make UHD Videoconferencing an Everyday Reality

Building collaborative office spaces is a key part of enterprise digital transformation. Why?

With hybrid work now a reality for many across the globe, videoconferencing has become integral to working life. But to make this new way of doing business fit-for-purpose, traditional headaches such as over complexity, frame freezing, and unreliable quality, need to be banished — and banished fast.

Designed for enterprise and government environments, the Huawei Intelligent Office Conference Solution places audio and video quality at its very core, ushering in new levels of stability to make Ultra-High Definition (UHD), highly efficient, and intelligent videoconferencing an everyday reality — no longer an exception but the norm. And the result? Significantly improved communications organization-wide and a far happier, more productive workforce. That's a win for all.


ZTP and Configuration

Intelligenter Zugang

• BYOM(Bring Your Own Meeting) für eine reibungslose Übertragung von Meetings
• IdeaHub Room Multiple Cloud-Konferenzen auf einem Bildschirm
• BYOD, kabelloses und einfaches Screen Sharing

Video Sharing


• Konferenz-Qualitätssicherung: Intelligente Wi-Fi-6-Multimedia-Planung und Bandbreiten-Reservierung
• Visualisierte Benutzererfahrung: E2E-Konferenz-Qualitätssicherung und ein visualisiertes Konferenzerlebnis

Excellent User Experience

Intelligente Erfahrung

• Extrem niedrige Schreiblatenz von 16 ms, 4K Soft Light-Bildschirm
• „Enterprise Information Release“-Plattform
• Einfache Betriebs- und Wartungsprozesse mit IdeaManager


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