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    Data Management Engine

    Einfaches Storage-Management durch
    automatisierte Betriebs- und Wartungsprozesse


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Three Reasons for Choosing Huawei DME

Efficient Intelligent O&M

Efficient Intelligent O&M

▪ Automatic service provisioning: Workload simulation enables zero errors in service changes. One-click service provisioning without script compilation achieves a tenfold increase in provisioning efficiency.

▪ End to End (E2E) performance issue demarcation and location: Storage area network (SAN) performance issues are detected within 3 min, demarcated within 5 min, and located within 10 min. Network-attached storage (NAS) performance issues are located within 2 min. Troubleshooting period is slashed from days/hours to minutes.

Intelligent Risk Prevention

Intelligent Risk Prevention

• Identification of six types of key risks: Risks in capacity, configuration, performance, disaster recovery (DR), recyclable resources, and hardware are proactively identified to prevent accidents.

• Intelligent prediction for multiple indicators: Performance bottleneck prediction is performed for the next 14 days. Capacity bottleneck prediction is performed for the next 365 days. This provides a robust base for forward planning.

Intelligent Data Management

Intelligent Data Management

• Convenient data retrieval in seconds: File retrieval from 10 billion files is achieved in seconds with the assistance of more than 15 search criteria. This is equivalent to a search engine for a data center.

• On-demand data mobility and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO): Cold/hot data identification and automatic mobility of tiered data are supported. Invalid data identification and automatic deletion of expired data reduce data storage costs.

• Enhanced data protection: Visualized global data copy management enables policy configuration in batches with just one click. Industry-leading network-storage collaboration is used to prevent ransomware.