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    NetEngine AR6700V Cloud-Native Gateway

    Builds a secure and reliable multi-tenant operations solution by adopting cloud native technologies.


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Open Architecture

Leading Architecture and Superior Performance

• Huawei's leading and mature VRP platform
• Separation of the control and forwarding planes
• Multi-VM distributed processing and elastic scalability, eliminating service forwarding bottlenecks

easy to deploy

Comprehensive Compatibility and Easy Service Deployment

• Compatible with mainstream virtualization platforms such as KVM and VMware
• Deployment on mainstream public clouds to extend enterprise networks to the cloud
• Software gateway that can be quickly and flexibly deployed in POPs, hub sites, and cloud environments

Cloud-Based Management

VXLAN access from POPs

• Layer 2 VXLAN access of branches, with gateways deployed at POPs
• Functioning as an IWG to connect to an MPLS network
• Visualized O&M through iMaster NCE

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Model NetEngine AR6700V
VMs 7 to 100
vCPUs 4 to 16 vCPUs per VM (depending on service scenarios; recommended CPU frequency: 2.20 GHz)
Memory 8 GB to 16 GB per VM (depending on service scenarios)
Storage 10 GB per VM
vNIC Interfaces 2 to 16 per VM (depending on service scenarios)
Hypervisor OpenStack Pike 3.12.0
VMware 5.5/6.0
Virtual NIC Type Virtio (I/O paravirtualization)
SR-IOV (short for single-root I/O virtualization, supported only by OpenStack)