• Huawei OptiXsense EF3000 pc

    Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-A50
    Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor

    Reinforcing pipeline safety through unmanned, intelligent inspection.


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Zero Alarms Missed

The enhanced-Optical Digital Signal Processing (e-ODSP) module has a powerful algorithm that corrects blind spot errors, raising the effective signal collection rate to 99.9%

Accurate Recognition

A multi-dimensional vibration analysis algorithm raises recognition accuracy to 97%, slashing the rate of false alarms

Long-Distance Coverage

100 km Dual-Channel Sensing

Featuring a proprietary, high-power, high-performance module, with a span loss tolerance of greater than 14 dB, plus a proprietary enhanced phase demodulation algorithm, doubling Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) performance


Parameters Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-A50
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88.1 x 442 x 220 mm
Number of Channels 2
Maximum Single-Channel Measurement Distance 50 km
Positioning Accuracy ±10 m
Effective Alarm Rate 97%
Missing Report No missing report
Alarm Response Time ≤ 60s
Sampling Accuracy 1.276 m
Frequency Response Range 1 kHz
Installation Mode Installed in a 19-inch cabinet
Power Supply AC 220 V/110 V
Typical Power Consumption 80 W