Huawei Launches the Remote Emergency Services to help Customers and Partners Pull Through


[Shenzhen, China, April 9, 2020] After the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Huawei reacted quickly, and hosted the TogetherUnited Online summit from 7 till 9 April. During the event, Huawei's Global Service Sharing Center (GSC) shared the latest update in the uninterrupted delivery of 24/7 support, and the measures it has taken to safeguard the health of employees during onsite activities. In addition, Huawei launched the Remote Emergency Service Solution and the Learning Never Stops Program, to help global customers and partners overcome the challenges of this extraordinary time. The Remote Emergency Service prevents network outages, service disruption, customer experience decline, and delay of network construction and enablement— allowing ecosystem partners to continue to provide high quality services for customers.

No network outages

The world is currently facing a public health crisis. Remote working, online collaboration, and distance learning have all become the new norm. As a result, many enterprises require immediate IT infrastructure expansion, with operational and human resource challenges significantly increased. Around the world, Huawei's technical assistance centers are able to provide uninterrupted 24/7 technical services for customers and partners. During the pandemic Huawei has invested additional resources to provide more effective self-service support. In terms of emergency assistance, Huawei has shortened response times from two hours to just ten minutes, by raising the service level and increasing on-duty staff.

For technical support services, Huawei has also shortened response times, from 15 minutes to just five, by establishing a dedicated emergency response team, streamlining the entire process, and providing proactive remote support services. Now, Huawei can provide solutions for 90% of ICT system faults within 30 minutes. The spare parts team increased the global inventory, backup warehouses, emergency delivery resources, and chartered flights, to ensure rapid delivery across the globe. The remote delivery team has established a new remote delivery center, gathered more experts, and modified working shifts to ensure a seamless collaboration with global customers during their working hours, improving overall delivery efficiency.

No service interruption

For ICT infrastructure Operation & Management, Huawei uses “eService”, its industry-leading intelligent maintenance platform. It provides proactive remote support services and helps enterprises address challenges such as insufficient O&M manpower and insufficient alarm handling capability. The platform offers 24/7 alarm handling, automatic ticket creation, and remote fault recovery services for customers. Integrated alarm processing algorithms automatically filter and distribute alarms and create trouble tickets. This platform helps customers eliminate 60% of faults before they even occur, improving network stability and ensuring service continuity. In addition, during the pandemic, the Huawei HQ R&D Department has temporarily moved experts into the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) to increase the number of experts by 30%. The war room is permanently online, which improves response-time efficiency, shortens troubleshooting time, and maximizes network stability.

No experience deterioration

For ICT infrastructure construction, Huawei uses its remote Network Operation Center (NOC) to provide remote optimization and O&M services, to quickly respond to network construction and emergency capacity expansion issues. The NOC proactively and 24/7 monitors the status of a customer's ICT network, performs remote inspection and risk alert, and quickly handles problems through seamless cooperation with the Technical Assistance Center. If infrastructure changes are required, Huawei organizes experts for joint remote consultation and to provide online support during change implementation. This ensures a 99% first-time success rate for network changes, helping to prevent a deterioration in service experience during the pandemic.

No construction delay

Huawei's remote delivery center and “eRad” remote access platform help customers address the challenges of ICT system capacity, performance, and modifications. Huawei has incorporated its project delivery experience and expert skills into the tools platform and set up a team of more than 30 experts in the remote delivery center to provide remote network planning, design, and commissioning services for customers. The team provides around-the-clock services to ensure that customer requirements are handled quickly and efficiently, especially the requirements for emergency network construction. Dedicated personnel is provides support for different product domains and regions, offering more accurate remote network planning, design, and commissioning support.

No partners left alone

To better serve customers, Huawei has launched a collaborative implementation service for partners. Based on its cutting-edge technical platform, Huawei provides indirect factory services through remote support, allowing customers to enjoy same-level services at lower cost, ensuring project delivery quality. The collaborative implementation service helps partners improve the accuracy of implementation and configuration, avoid multiple site visits caused by inaccurate solutions or incorrect configurations, raise the one-time delivery success rate by 30%, and shorten the average delivery duration of the single-device implementation service by 20%.

No interruption to enablement

Huawei's 'Learning Never Stops' program has six initiatives: opening high-quality online courses, opening online labs, providing online examination and certification, performing remote trainer enablement, convening online summits, and organizing content-rich online activities. Huawei also supports a number of additional activities, covering various scenarios, such as teaching, examination, training, communications, and resource development. The Huawei ICT Academy promotes online learning globally, moving traditional offline education to online platforms.

TogetherUnited services

Huawei is committed to providing consistent, high-quality services for customers. The company's investment in the development of industrial cloud enablement solutions, industrial O&M service solutions, and a unified cloud-based tool platform remains ongoing. In fact, investment increases annually by 30%. By the end of 2019, Huawei had established partnerships with more than 4200 service partners, provided services for more than 50,000 customers worldwide, supported the secure and stable operations of more than 500 key production networks globally, and successfully supported more than 20 key events.