Huawei Released the Financial AI-based Contact Center Solution V2.0, Empowering the Global Financial Industry


[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2024] At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei released the Financial AI-based Contact Center Solution V2.0, aiming to enhance finance industry efficiency and minimize costs.

The Launch Conference

The Launch Conference

In their presentation, Sophie Chen, Marketing Director of Huawei Software, and Frank Lu, Executive Solution Manager of the Huawei Digital Finance BU, discussed the future trends of digitalization in the finance industry. With the swift progress of LLM-based AI in the past year, numerous financial institutions have embraced AI and accelerated its implementation in various scenarios, such as customer service chatbots, intelligent quality inspection and digital human. This has led to a significant enhancement in operational efficiency. In the future, the depth and breadth of AI applications will be the determining factor for the competitive advantage of financial institutions. To stay competitive and meet customer requirements it is crucial to proactively and quickly combine industry knowledge with AI and apply it to various business scenarios. A future-oriented digital foundation is therefore an absolute necessity.

Huawei has 30 years of experience in customer contact centers. As a leader in the communications industry, Huawei also has rich pool of technical knowledge in 5G, AI, cloud, and HD video codec technologies. The release of Huawei AICC Financial Solution 2.0 signifies Huawei’s commitment to introducing the latest technologies to the financial domain, helping the industry reduce costs and improve efficiency. Huawei AICC focuses on three core capabilities: large-scale model intelligence, omni-channel access, and openness and orchestration. In this release of the financial solution, the spotlight is on the LLM-based AI and brand-new WFM (WorkForce Management) module.

For LLM based-AI, Huawei provides end-to-end process AI capabilities, including digital human, outbound tele-marketing, and intelligent quality inspection. In addition, Huawei AICC has been integrated with the Huawei Pangu model as well as pre-integrated with 3rd party LLM. Huawei AICC helps customers reduce the AHT (Average Processing Duration) on the LLM engine by 30%. In terms of LLM based-AI application scenarios: For end users, the interactive digital human can quickly answer user questions. For agents, application of human driven digital human enables increased AICC agent productivity. Huawei AICC provides a series of intelligent scenarios based on LLM for agents. The intelligent agent assistant helps identify emotions, recommends scripts, provides 360-degree views of customers, decreases AHT by 30%, reduces workload by 90%, and offers intelligent customer training to shorten new employee orientation.

In terms of WFM, Huawei AICC has flexible scheduling capabilities and self-developed core scheduling algorithms. It supports scheduling by week, month, shift, etc., helping customers efficiently complete scheduling tasks. Project experience has demonstrated that WFM can greatly enhance the overall efficiency of human resource allocation and improve the rate at which customer service calls are successfully connected. Huawei AICC also supports multi-channel and multi-tenant scheduling prediction. The historical scheduling data provides a reliable basis for accurately predicting the scheduling data for the upcoming 12 to 18 months, with minimal prediction deviation.

Huawei's call center service started in 1993. After 30 years of continuous development, evolution, and accumulation, Huawei has become a world-leading contact center solution provider, serving more than 1500 customers, more than 700,000 agents, and 1.8 billion users worldwide. With the launch of Huawei Financial AI-based Contact Center Solution V2.0, Huawei has reaffirmed its commitment to excellence in innovation and customer service. We look forward to seeing how it will bring more value to global finance industry.

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