Huawei Unveils Next-Generation Internet Infrastructure Solutions, Empowering ISP Industry's Green Digital Transformation


[Madrid, Spain, April 19, 2023] During the Huawei Global Internet Service Industry Summit & Global Optical Summit, Huawei introduced its next-generation Internet infrastructure products and solutions, including Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30, a full series of 400G OTN solutions, the industry's first commercial 50G PON solution, and NetEngine 8000 F8. The summit brought together hundreds of executives and technical experts from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry to discuss all-optical networks, digital transformation, and green solutions, and promote the digital transformation of the ISP industry, aiming to create a smarter, greener, and more resilient Internet infrastructure.

Ernest Zhang, President of Huawei European Enterprise Business

Ernest Zhang, President of Huawei European Enterprise Business, highlighted that in world full of uncertainties, the digital transformation of enterprises is a certain trend. Digital infrastructure remains at the very heart of any digital transformation. He added that Huawei leads internet infrastructure innovation mainly through three efforts: investment in technical advancement., partner cooperation in R&D, and sustainable development.

According to Gu Yunbo, President of Huawei’s Enterprise Optical Business Domain, in the gigabit era, premium experience is the core competitiveness. Huawei's F5G premium all-optical network solution builds a cost-effective and ultimate-experience network for ISPs. It helps ISPs build B2H and B2B growth engines, striding to the high-growth era.

At this summit, Todd Sun, Vice President of Huawei's European Enterprise Business Dept (Marketing & Solution Sales), and Li Ying, Vice President of Huawei’s Marketing & Solutions Sales Dept of Enterprise BG, released a total of four new products and solutions for the ISP industry:

In the all-optical home field, Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 is the industry's first all-optical home network product based on the C-WAN architecture, which supports upstream transmission at 2000 Mbit/s. With six major upgrades in aesthetics, speed, rate, coverage, roaming, concurrency, and service, it provides ultra-gigabit Wi-Fi coverage and a high-quality digital home experience throughout the home.

In the ultra-broadband access field, Huawei released the industry's first commercial 50G PON solution to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of future scenarios such as campuses, industrial interconnection, enterprises, and homes. The solution achieves a 25% increase in optical power budget and supports existing ODN deployment without re-cabling. It also integrates GPON, 10G PON, and 50G PON, supporting service upgrades on demand and minimizing investment for ISPs.

In the ultra-high speed transport network field, Huawei released the full series of 400G OTN solutions, which support ultra-high performance, ultra-high integration, and ultra-large capacity, achieving the optimal transmission cost, power consumption, and transmission distance of backbone networks in the cloud era. The solutions can maximize the value of optical fibers when working with Huawei's ultra-wide fiber spectrum technology.

In the metro network field, Huawei released its ultimate high-density multi-service aggregation router NetEngine 8000 F8, which features high performance, low power consumption, and multi-service support. This router provides 8 service slots and, with its innovative parent-child card design, supports 32 PICs, improving system performance by 25%. It delivers 2 Tbps performance and can be smoothly evolved to larger capacity.

Huawei released a total of four new products and solutions for the ISP industry

During the summit, Huawei also shared its industry insights and success stories with ISP customers in several European countries. Pere Atentas, CEO of Rede Aberta, a Spanish ISP, was among them and expressed his eagerness to test Huawei's new products soon. He also said that NetEngine 8000 F8 has strong capabilities and can help ISPs develop their business over the next decade.

"FTTO has three major values in making hotels greener and energy-efficient: it requires less extra-low voltage (ELV) room space, cabling space, and power consumption. This aligns perfectly with Alea's value proposition for network deployment in the hotel industry," said Francisco Bonachera, CEO of Alea Soluciones, who also shared his insights during the product launch.

From April 18–20, Huawei is exhibiting its technical innovations at Booth P08 in Hall 9 of the FTTH Conference 2023 held at IFEMA Feria de Madrid, promoting the green and digital transformation of the ISP industry.

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