•  intelligent transpirtation system

    Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

    Improve the efficiency of urban life with advanced traffic management and rapid traffic accident detection.


  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Architecture

Gain the Edge

Recognition and Analysis of Violations

• Load multiple algorithms on demand.
• More than 10 types of violations are recognized, from running red lights and crossing marked lanes, to flouting road markings, driving the wrong way, and speeding.
• Effectively crack down on violations and reduce traffic accidents.

Threat Detection

Traffic Incident Detection in Seconds

• Detect and report road traffic violations, accidents, and incidents in seconds, with real-time warnings that assist traffic management departments.

End-to-end Networking

Closed-Loop Penalty Service Handling

• E2E closure of sensing, analysis, violation penalties, and other services based on partner applications increases traffic efficiency, alleviates traffic jams, and reduces accidents.