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Intelligent E&P

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E&P HPC and storage

The 3D seismic data exploration technology generates precise imaging in order to provide better stratigraphic information about cracks and rivers. High-precision algorithms are used to further improve seismic imaging, giving geologists a much clearer view of stratums.

But technology like this has a massive impact on the volume of data oil and gas companies must manage. As a result, such enterprises need more computing power and better processing capacity — and they need it fast. Because conventional systems simply aren't up to the job: they're slow, can't run concurrent tasks, and lack the space required to store massive amounts of data.

Huawei's E&P Storage Solution provides an answer. Offering stable, reliable, secure, and high performing storage devices, the solution supports seismic data processing, interpretation, and reservoir numerical simulation. It speeds up well exploration and can even improve the success rate, resulting in increases for both reserves and production.