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Usher in Success

digital banking case 1

Enable Digital Banking

Rapidly roll out secure, compliant business operations, with strict control over Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A new Singaporean digital bank took just nine months, from security compliance and system development to opening on a cloud-native digital banking platform, requiring only 30% of traditional Information technology (IT) spending, slashing millions from costs.
case csb

Business Growth with Cloud-Native Technology

Digital technology enables agile and inclusive services, rapidly responding to new demands and needs.

With a building block-like lending platform on cloud, Siam Commercial Bank quickly rolled out digital loans to millions clients.
“All that within 6 months, we've been able to achieve significant business growth. We are able to sign up 250,000 new customers, and been able to lend up to 1.2 billion baht in a short amount of time.”

—— by Dr.Chalee Asavathiratham, Chief Digital Banking Office

case 3 001

Hybrid Cloud Facilitates Rapid Expansion

Bank Neo Commerce(BNC), one of the world‘s best banks(Forbes, 2022), leveraged hybrid cloud to rapidly expand its customer base from to 20 million in 3 years.

Based on the hybrid cloud, bank builds a digital banking platform independent of traditional host, freeing from the constraints of complex technologies and capacity management, focusing resources on business and supporting rapid expansion.

Core Values of the Huawei Digital Banking Solution

Extensive Commercial Maturity

Agile and Innovative

• Cloud-native container capability.
• Ultra-large scale financial grade database.
• End to End (E2E) software development for DevOps.

Open Edge Computing

FSI Cloudification Know-How

• Dedicated digital financial solution experts.
• Global implementation showcase.
• Industry-leading partners, certified by Huawei.

Cloud-Based Management

Reliable, Resilient, and Flexible

• Compliant, financial-level active-active architecture.
• Multi-cloud/node low-latency infrastructure.
• Full stack protection, with over 20 security components.

Core Application Joint Solutions