A Time for ICT to Realize its Potential

In a fully connected world, solutions to a problem as vast as COVID-19 can only be discovered working together. Never before has information sharing been so critical. And never before has ICT been called upon to step up and fully realize its potential.

  • Telemedicine
  • Education
  • Diagnosis
  • Telemedicine solutions have a wide range of applications, from remote consultation — reducing the need for those with symptoms to physically move around — to remote monitoring, and vital information sharing, worldwide.

  • Freeing education from the physical constraints of walls, classrooms, and school grounds, distance learning technologies — built on telepresence technology — can help students of all ages to minimize the disruption brought by school closures. On-demand access to learning resources anytime, anywhere. Live course streaming with on-demand playback.

    Such features ensure that students have the support they need, when they need it.

  • Advanced technologies — 3D reconstruction and smart comparative analysis — can be deployed to provide far more accurate information and radically accelerate the diagnostic process, critical in a situation where a patient’s symptoms can evolve at speed. Indeed, medical personnel have been able to generate Computerized Tomography (CT) quantitative results in seconds and, as a result, identify patients with COVID-19 six times faster than when performing the task manually.

    By February 26, 2020, Huawei’s AI-Assisted Diagnosis Solution had already been deployed in 20 Chinese hospitals.

ICT Put to Use

As the world tackles an unprecedented crisis, at such times, collaboration is key.
Here, technology can help. Huawei has accumulated real-world experience of handling and managing preventive measures, both in the ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19 as well as other crisis scenarios. From effective monitoring measures, to videoconferencing that enables telemedicine and other forms of remote working, the advantages and capabilities of 5G, cloud, big data, and AI combine to offer tangible assistance.
If you would like to discuss how your organization should act, Huawei experts are ready to share their experience and are here to help.

Fully Connected Campus Communications Solution

Enabling rapid deployment of all-wireless, ultra-broadband medical campus networks, significantly improving the efficiency of medical systems.

Wireless network coverage in mobile hospitals
Mobile healthcare
100 Mbit/s wireless access everywhere

Remote Team Collaboration

4K UHD video conferences and intelligent assistant enable efficient remote team collaboration.

Remote team collaboration based on video conferences

Remote Medical Solution

5G and 4K video conferencing technologies enable remote command, teleconsultation, experience sharing, and remote monitoring.

Epidemic prevention command, teleconsultation, medical teaching, remote monitoring, and collaborative office

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Providing uninterrupted power supply for critical devices, with a highly reliable modular redundancy design that simplifies maintenance.

Emergency power supply for medical data centers
Emergency power supply for key office functions

Prefabricated Modular Data Center Solution

Designed for outdoor and field equipment rooms, subsystems are prefabricated, requiring only one day for installation, with plug-and-play capabilities.

Emergency medical data centers
Rapid expansion of online office and education data centers
Emergency medical data centers
Rapid expansion of online office and education data centers

Emergency Response Services

Proactive suite of support services, ensuring service continuity for customers in emergency situations.

Support services in emergency situations