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Robust Growth: Huawei Enterprise BG 2020 Annual Report

2021-04-02 349
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The intelligent world is now within reach. Faced with new possibilities, our Enterprise BG has stepped up its efforts to develop innovative scenario-based solutions and create a digital ecosystem where all players create and share value together. We also strive to help industries explore how to tap into the power of the digital world to survive and thrive. Thanks to these efforts, we achieved robust growth throughout 2020.

We have developed more than 100 scenario-based solutions that cover over 10 industries including smart cities, finance, energy, transportation, and manufacturing. Our products and solutions, such as HUAWEI CLOUD, intelligent IP networks, Intelligent OptiX

Network, computing, data centers, data storage, and 5GtoB, have become increasingly competitive within the market, and we have combined a number of our cutting-edge products in order to meet customers' differentiated needs. To accelerate the intelligent upgrade of governments and enterprises, we announced a new open technological architecture, Intelligent Twins, which leverages cloud as its foundation and AI at its core, and consists of four layers: intelligent interaction, intelligent connectivity, intelligent hub, and intelligent applications.

Huawei brings together seven types of partners: sales partner, solution partner, service and operation partner, investment and financing partner, talent alliance, industry organization, and industry partner. We announced a partner development strategy that consists of four initiatives: profitability, simplicity, enablement, and ecosystem. Through this strategy, we strive to help partners achieve their goals, and build a diverse ecosystem that is open, collaborative, and thrives on shared success. We remain committed to connecting the "expressways" that will facilitate the digital transformation of all industries, and to working with our customers and partners to create new value.

We are enhancing synergy between cloud, AI, and connectivity to provide public cloud services and hybrid cloud solutions that deliver several layers of added value, especially in terms of stability, reliability, security, trustworthiness, and sustainability. HUAWEI CLOUD has launched more than 220 cloud services and 210 solutions, and earned over 80 industry-recognized security certifications. HUAWEI CLOUD works with more than 19,000 partners and has brought together 1.6 million developers. To date, over 4,000 applications have been launched on the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace.

By the end of 2020, over 700 cities and 253 Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide had chosen Huawei as their partner for digital transformation. In 2020, revenue from our enterprise business was CNY100,339 million, a year-on-year increase of 23.0%.


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