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Huawei Industry OptiX Accelerates Industrial Digital Transformation

As cloud services, big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) begin to turn mainstream, more and more industries are realizing that digital transformation is key to market competitiveness. At this juncture, it becomes all too painfully clear: traditional network infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose, unable to meet growing service requirements due to complex architecture, increased security risks, and the need to perform frequent upgrades.

Huawei Industry OptiX has been developed with the mining, transportation, electric power, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries in mind. As such, it features passive, robust, and simplified architecture, and is capable of transmitting services over long distances for industrial campuses using customized bearing technologies. Adaptive to a range of environments, the solution precisely meets industrial needs — including high bandwidth and low latency networking, and highly efficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M) — and is designed for future-oriented evolution.

Industry Application Scenarios

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    Based on Industrial Optical Ring (IOR) technology, Huawei Industry OptiX replaces active network devices with passive ones. Mining production safety is improved across the board, as the industry becomes less labor-intensive. Intelligence allows certain tasks to be performed unattended.

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    Train Stations

    Huawei Industry OptiX provides one-stop network infrastructure for train stations and supports smart station applications with high reliability, strong adaptability, and wide coverage providing a premium travel experience for passengers.

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    Power Distribution and Pipelines

    Huawei Industry OptiX provides video backhaul and remote control services for power distribution and pipelines, offering high security, edge intelligence, and high reliability. The solution also improves operation efficiency and enables electric service operations to be finished in seconds.

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    Huawei Industry OptiX provides video backhaul and radar-based speed measurement at checkpoints and along highways with high reliability, wide coverage, and intelligent O&M. Highways become visible and manageable, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of daily operations.

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    Road Intersections

    Featuring high reliability, easy deployment, and high security, Huawei Industry OptiX provides backhaul for e-police and traffic light signals at intersections. Compared with traditional networks, Huawei Industry OptiX makes device deployment far more efficient and O&M much easier.

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    Production Lines at Factories

    Huawei Industry OptiX replaces active network devices with passive ones. Featuring high security and broadband networking, it provides factories with smart network infrastructure that supports on-demand deployment and flexible capacity expansion, protecting investment and increasing the efficiency of enterprise operations.


OptiXstar T823E-DL

The OptiXstar T823E-DL is industrial ONU in Huawei's industrial optical network solution. The network side provides two GPON/XGS-PON upstream ports, and the user side provides eight GE Ethernet ports. With high-performance forwarding capabilities, the device provides ideal industrial production network solutions for various industrial scenarios, such as transportation,electric power and intelligent manufacturing.

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