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Enterprise Private Line and Home Broadband Drive Service Growth

Enterprises need far more private line connections and much higher bandwidth to promote their digital transformation and cloudification. Meanwhile, the era of Home+ has arrived. More and more people expect to be able to learn and work from home, transforming home broadband from an entertainment center to a diversified service center.

Huawei's enterprise private line and home broadband optical network provides premium private line services by upgrading networks, meeting differentiated requirements of enterprise customers in different industries. The optical network also builds a high-quality broadband bearer network with ultimate gigabit experiences to support differentiated development of home broadband services, thereby driving new growth in broadband services for both enterprises and homes.

Huawei builds high-quality bearer networks using OSU/MS-OTN and NCE-T to help Internet service providers (ISPs) attract more high-value customers with premium experiences.


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Integrated Optical Bearer Network Solution

The private line and home broadband optical network solution uses the mainstream 200G/400G backbone network to meet surging bandwidth traffic demands due to enterprise service cloudification and digital transformation, enabling ISPs to upgrade their backbone networks.

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All-Optical Private Line Solution

Huawei's All-Optical Private Line Solution uses E2E OTN networking to provide dedicated connections with 99.999% reliability, millisecond-level latency, day-level TTM, and online self-management, meeting the digital transformation requirements of customers in industries such as e-government, finance, healthcare, and Internet.



Платформа Huawei OptiXtrans E6600 MS-OTN

Архітектура MS-OTN та висока інтеграція 4-в-1 PCM/SDH/PKT/OTN забезпечують плавний перехід до транспортних технологій наступного покоління — рідкий ВТН — надання ефективного рішення для енергетики, транспорту, уряду, банківської справи та інших галузей.


Huawei OptiXtrans E9600

A large-capacity, intelligent, optical-electrical integrated next-generation MS-OTN platform for enterprise ON2.0.

Huawei OptiXstar A800

Huawei OptiXstar A800 Case-Shaped OTN CPE

Huawei OptiXstar A800 is fixed-configuration OTN CPE mainly used in tail-end access scenarios to provide reliable premium OTN private line solutions for governments and enterprises.

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