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Make an All-Optical Bearer Network Your First Choice

Choose Huawei's Office Optical Network Solution to build an all-optical bearer network: a Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects government and enterprise branches and outlets, supporting digital operations.

Traditionally, government agencies and enterprises have leased carrier private lines to build networks. But, as e-government digitalization develops apace, and as enterprises roll out more and more branches and outposts, higher and higher bandwidth needs are emerging. With that, higher levels of service differentiation are now also required. But the rental cost of private lines is spiraling and network quality also can't be guaranteed, with multiple users sharing the same, finite carrier network resources.

So the Office Optical Network Solution uses Fifth Generation Fixed Network (F5G) technology to build all-optical private networks characterized by ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency. The solution provides high-speed, stable, and reliable connections to meet the network needs of enterprises and government agencies, accelerating e-government and enterprise digitalization and promoting intelligent city construction for the benefit of all.


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Government Metro Optical Network

The Government Metro Optical Network Solution uses optical fiber communication technologies to provide high-speed, stable, and secure transmission, satisfying users. The solution provides sturdy network connections to meet e-government construction requirements. As the foundation of smart city networks, the solution also carries diverse smart city services and applications.

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Single OptiX Solution for Enterprises

To comply with the digital transformation of enterprises, Huawei's Single OptiX solution helps build all-optical interconnection solutions oriented to the future development of enterprise services.


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Оптична передача

Створення надширокосмугових, спрощених та інтелектуальних корпоративних транспортних мереж.


Huawei OptiXtrans E9600

A large-capacity, intelligent, optical-electrical integrated next-generation MS-OTN platform for enterprise ON2.0.


Платформа Huawei OptiXtrans E6600 MS-OTN

Архітектура MS-OTN та висока інтеграція 4-в-1 PCM/SDH/PKT/OTN забезпечують плавний перехід до транспортних технологій наступного покоління — рідкий ВТН — надання ефективного рішення для енергетики, транспорту, уряду, банківської справи та інших галузей.

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