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With digital transformation well underway, enterprises are transforming from traditional campuses to smart campuses. Campus networks — the most important infrastructure for underpinning smart campus services — are set to follow four distinct trends: fully-wireless access, ubiquitous connectivity, hyper-converged network, and pervasive intelligence. These trends put a huge strain on today's campus network bandwidth, architecture, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

In response, Huawei proposed a next-generation campus network architecture, known as Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture. This architecture has seven unique features of future midsize and large campus networks: fully-wireless, hyper-converged, ultra-broadband, simplified, low-carbon, secure, and intelligent. As a first-of-its-kind architecture concept, Huawei's WINA provides guidance for future campus network architecture design. All of these traits make WINA a great fit in extensive campus scenarios in enterprise workplaces, education, finance, healthcare, and other industries, providing users with premium network services.

Key Features

  • Full-wireless

    • Efficient office
    • Free collaboration
    • Flexible production

  • Hyper-converged Network

    • Multi-purpose network
    • Security isolation
    • Simplified management

  • Ultra-broadband

    • User experience
    • Smooth expansion
    • Investment protection

  • Simplified

    • Plug-and-play
    • Simplified management
    • Fewer equipment rooms

  • Secure

    • Security compliance
    • Unauthorized access and forgery prevention
    • Simplified security policies

  • Intelligent

    • Network innocence self-proving
    • Improved change efficiency
    • User experience assurance

  • Low-carbon

    • Less power consumption
    • Less noise
    • High energy efficiency

Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture


Leader talks with Mr.Liu Jianning: Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture

Huawei Wireless Intelligent Campus Network Architecture, Building high-quality networks for Intelligent Campus, Accelerating Digital Transformation of Campus Network.

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