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Make Your Campus Green

The buildings and campuses where we live, work, and play consume 30% of the world's energy. That makes them a key focus for energy conservation and emissions reduction efforts and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is now actively exploring how to build low-carbon campus networks, to help buildings and campuses go green.

Against this backdrop, Huawei launched the Intelligent Simplified Campus Network Solution. Using innovative, simplified architecture, this solution achieves simplified networking, easier campus network planning and deployment, and more efficient routine Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Specifically, energy-efficient Remote Units (RUs) are deployed onto desktops, slashing the required cabling by more than 75% and reducing the power consumption of the entire network by approximately 30%. As such, the solution is a great fit for building simplified, low-carbon, and sustainable campus networks across the world.

This Intelligent Simplified Campus Network Solution can be widely used in administrative offices, hotels, dormitories, healthcare facilities, stadiums, stations, and other settings, providing users with premium wired and wireless access services.

  • Simplified Architecture: One Device, One Network

    With innovative simplified architecture, the central switch can expand ports on demand through RUs, with a single fixed switch enabling access for 384 wired terminals. This implements one-stop access for network-wide terminals.

  • Low Carbon and Energy Saving: Under 1 W per Port

    RUs feature a fanless design for natural heat dissipation and super quietness, as well as energy-efficient chips and components. This ensures less than 1 W power consumption per port, leading to energy savings of over 30% across the entire network compared with the industry average.

  • Always-On Services: Smooth Upgrade with Hybrid Cables

    60 W Power over Ethernet Plus Plus (PoE++) at 300 m is enabled via a hybrid optical-electrical cable, with RUs supporting secondary PoE, eliminating the need for a local power supply. This offers ultra-high transmission bandwidth and supports smooth network evolution.

Empower Your Industry

  • 01 education


    High-bandwidth for multimedia teaching.

    Always-on network connectivity for dormitories.

    Quiet design for minimal noise impact in classrooms, offices, and dormitories.

  • 02 hotel


    Better network experience and higher occupancy rate due to Access Point (AP) deployment in rooms.

    Quiet design for minimal noise impact for hotel guests.

    Multi-scenario access, such as hotel video security and basic office work.

  • 03 healthcare


    Multi-scenario access, for example outpatient departments, operating rooms, and wards, with strong security and high reliability for medical services.

    Fast deployment and a short construction period.

    Quiet design for minimal noise impact on patients in wards.


Huawei's Intelligent Simplified Campus Network Solution revolutionizes campus network architecture and transmission media.

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