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Intelligent Detection and Warning

All-optical fiber sensing — a new sensing technology that uses optical waves as the carrier and optical fiber as the medium — is capable of sensing and transmitting external measurement signals, providing a range of sensing capabilities similar to sensory nerves in the human body.

The Huawei Sensing OptiX Optical Sensing Solution takes traditional optical fiber sensing technologies — such as distributed fiber vibration, temperature, pressure, and water quality sensing — then incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is an industry-first. With big data capabilities and Geographic Information System (GIS) maps also included, the solution provides differentiated, multi-dimensional, and multi-purpose intelligent detection and warning.

As such, Sensing OptiX has a wide range of applications, from integrated pipelines, tunnels, rails, and fences, to any industry overseeing large bodies of water, including oil and gas, electric power, transportation, government, and sanitation.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Sensing

    The enhanced Optical Digital Signal Processing (ODSP) module and powerful built-in blind spot correction algorithm increase the signal collection rate to as high as 99.9%.

  • Accurate Identification

    Fault identification accuracy reaches 97% thanks to a 32-dimensional algorithm for analyzing vibration waves.

  • Fast Learning

    Huawei's Hi-AI open capability platform allows up to 1000 new scenario samples to be learned per day.

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000

This distributed optical fiber sensing system quickly identifies, locates, and reports alarms for intrusion events, facilitating online, real-time monitoring and safety warning for pipelines.

Voice of Customer

PipeChina: The Value of Fiber Optic Sensing

Huawei's innovations in optical sensing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and big data all contribute to PipeChina's vision, to ensure open, fair access of infrastructure for all users, improve resource transmission efficiency, and guarantee the efficient operation of the oil and gas industry chain.

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    Introducing Optical Fiber Sensing

    How can optical fiber sensing overcome the technical difficulties that have plagued the industry for more than a decade? Dr. Mi Guangcan, Senior Engineer of the Advanced Optical Technology Lab at Huawei, introduces this revolutionary technology.

Real-World Applications

The oil and gas industry is hindered by high pipeline maintenance costs and the lack of ability to locate or prevent external sabotage or faults. Huawei Sensing OptiX protects pipelines thanks to AI-powered fiber-optic sensing, providing oil and gas industries with fault identification precision up to 97%.

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