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    Accelerating Industrial Digital Transformation


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Huawei FTTM Accelerates Industrial Digital Transformation

With the emergence of new technologies such as cloud services, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI), more industries are going digital. Traditional network infrastructure is overstretched and cannot meet the increasing service requirements due to complex architecture, security risks, and frequent upgrades.

The Huawei Fiber To The Machine (FTTM) solution applies to industries such as electric power, manufacturing, mining, port, transportation, and petrochemical. Thanks to advantages of F5G optical networks — such as high reliability, simple architecture, multi-service bearing, and passive long-haul transmission — the solution provides customized network bearing technologies for various industries to meet their requirements for harsh environment adaptation, high bandwidth, and low latency, thereby improving O&M efficiency and achieving future-oriented continuous evolution.



FTTM Solution for Smart Manufacturing

Based on passive optical network technologies, the Huawei FTTM solution features a simple architecture, cutting-edge media, and easy O&M. It is an efficient network solution for smart manufacturing, meeting the network requirements of high reliability, large bandwidth, low latency, and smooth expansion in industrial manufacturing scenarios.


FTTM Solution for Power Distribution Communication Networks

Huawei's power distribution optical network solution can be used to build a power distribution communication network featuring simple architecture, high reliability, intelligent O&M, and multi-service bearing, improving the efficiency and accuracy of power consumption information collection. This solution integrates the NHP technology to implement E2E management of power transmission, transformation, and distribution networks.


FTTM Solution for Super-Distance Port Control

Leveraging the technical advantages of F5G networks — such as wide coverage, high bandwidth, corrosion-resistant fibers, passive ODN, high reliability and security — the Huawei FTTM solution for port super-distance control carries port control and video security services over one network.

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FTTM Solution for Smart Mines

Based on the industrial optical ring (IOR) network technology, the Huawei FTTM solution replaces active devices with passive devices and replaces traditional explosion-proof switches with intrinsically safe optical ring ends (OREs), thereby achieving underground security.


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Accesso ottico

Basate sulla tecnologia PON (Passive Optical Network), le soluzioni di rete ottica passiva consentono l'accesso da qualsiasi mezzo ad imprese, ISP (Internet Service Providers) e MSO (Multiple System Operators).

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Terminali ottici

La serie di prodotti OptiXstar estende la connettività ottica a ogni abitazione, azienda e campus, rendendo le famiglie più vicine e le operazioni aziendali molto più efficienti.

A Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus against a white background.

iMaster NCE-Campus

Una piattaforma intelligente di automazione di rete che integra funzioni di gestione, controllo, analisi e AI, fornendo l'automazione per l'intero ciclo di vita delle reti campus, implementando al tempo stesso la risoluzione intelligente dei guasti attraverso l'analisi dei Big Data e l'AI.

Real-World Success

FTTM Helps FAW Build Technology Innovation Space

FTTM Helps FAW Build Technology Innovation Space

The network is the foundation of smart manufacturing. As smart manufacturing becomes more widespread, a growing number of industries and campuses are going digital, networked, and intelligent. In this process, the FTTM (fiber to the machine) solution, which applies the fifth-generation fixed network (F5G) technology, is widely adopted in the construction of infrastructure networks.

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Intelligent Manufacturing: Keeping a Sharper Eye on Industrial Quality Inspection with Smart Technologies

Foxconn partnered with Huawei to build a showcase production line for Ascend AI-powered quality inspection of smart PV controllers.

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Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant: Building All-Optical Networks with Huawei for an Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park

Future-proof network infrastructure is absolutely vital to ensuring the success of smart manufacturing. F5G industrial optical networks are the ideal choice in that regard. They provide high-quality network connections for various industrial scenarios to increase production efficiency.

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VOYAH Builds All-Optical Networks with Huawei

Automaker VOYAH partnered with Huawei to build all-optical networks that meet the flexible production requirements of intelligent EVs.

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National-Level Green Factory Produces Industry-Leading Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission

Fast Group successfully developed China's first unit of heavy duty transmission, breaking through technical barriers and phasing out outdated production capacity.

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