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data center interconnect overview pc

What is Data Center Interconnect?

According to data insight provider GlobalData, the global cloud ecosystem is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25.3%, reaching US$720 billion in 2022. Critical to such growth, Data Center Interconnect (DCI) serves as the key infrastructure connecting data centers. But what exactly is DCI?
In very simple terms, DCI refers to the technology that links two or more data centers, allowing them to communicate with each other, sharing data along with compute and storage resources, as well as providing backup, redundancy — and more. This can span relatively short distances, from one side of a city to another, for example. Equally, it can cross continents, traversing oceans through subsea cables along the way.
And while speed, bandwidth, and capacity here obviously count, DCI solutions are actually about far more than just that. Additional features — such as simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M), intelligence, and security — are now also necessities, not just extras, in an increasingly digital world. And it's features just like this that are integral to Huawei DCI solutions, helping them stand out.

Huawei Data Center Interconnect Features


Highest performance: 96T/fiber

Maximum capacity: 96T/fiber compared to the industry average of 60T/fiber, 6.4T/U compared to 3.6T/U, and the lowest per-bit cost in the industry.
Lowest power consumption: 0.13 W/G compared to 0.2 W/G, with power consumption 35% lower than the industry average.
Deployment within 8 minutes

Deployment within eight minutes

Plug and play: Eliminates the need for network planning with automatic deployment that can be carried out by anyone.
Simplified connections: Integrated design reduces over 90% of internal fiber connections at the optical layer.
features 03

High reliability:Storage + Optical Connection Coordination

Optical linkage perceptron & ms level sensing algorithm,Transaction reliability improved to 99.999%
Ultra-fast magnetic switch & Coherent module reconstruction algorithm,Transaction experience improved by 90%


data center interconnect solutions1

Soluzione "Integrated Optical Bearer" per data center

Questa soluzione crea DCI a banda ultra larga, semplificata e intelligente per soddisfare le esigenze dei clienti in termini di crescita del traffico e maggiore efficienza O&M, supportando l'interconnessione delle reti dei data center aziendali.

dc908 new

Huawei OptiXtrans DC908

Caratterizzato da un'implementazione semplificata in soli otto minuti, banda ultra larga ed elevata integrazione (aggiornamento lineare a singola fibra fino a 88T, sufficiente per i prossimi 10 anni), e O&M intelligente e proattivo.


dc908 new

Huawei OptiXtrans DC908

Caratterizzato da un'implementazione semplificata in soli otto minuti, banda ultra larga ed elevata integrazione (aggiornamento lineare a singola fibra fino a 88T, sufficiente per i prossimi 10 anni), e O&M intelligente e proattivo.

Stories of Success

data center interconnect relatedcases2

Optical Sensing for Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection Solution

German IT services provider Buerodata provides tailor-made IT solutions, based on the DCI network powered by the DC OptiX solution with Huawei OptiXtrans DC908.

dci solutions aixit list

aixit Builds Its Own DCI Network with Huawei DC OptiX

As a closed partner of aixit, Huawei has proposed its DC OptiX solution with flag-ship product OptiXtrans DC908 for connecting data centers of aixit. The DC OptiX solution is providing a single-wavelength 200G bandwidth with long-distance performance through Frankfurt, Heuchelheim, and ParderBorn.


Net Services Builds Its Own DCI Network with Huawei DC OptiX

'Net Services' has been running a couple of its own data centers for providing professional services to customers. Considering the rapid growth of service data, it is critical to establish a connectivity for keeping data always online and flowing smoothly across data centers. Obviously, optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is a better solution.

data center interconnect relatedcases1

Thailand’s National ITMX Boosts Electronic Payment Infrastructure with Huawei

Huawei provided National ITMX with its Intelligent OptiX Network for Finance solution, based on the latest optical fiber technologies such as Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM).

dc908 list2

The Biggest Bank in East Africa Chooses Huawei

Huawei's all-optical data center networks provide secure, stable, and high-quality connections to speed up digital transformation, simplify the customer journey, and improve digital operational efficiency for KCB Bank Kenya.


Accelerate DCI: Serverius Upgrades with the Huawei DC OptiX Solution

A strategic partner of Serverius, Huawei provided its DC OptiX Solution — based on Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 — meeting the company's DCI network upgrade requirements and bringing greater value to the company overall. The DC OptiX Solution is compatible with the company's legacy DCM network, providing a single-wavelength 200G to 800G DCI large-bandwidth solution.


The Fastest Growing Fiber Internet Service Provider in the Philippines Future-Proofs DCI to Support the Digital Economy

When Converge ICT Solutions brought its fiber broadband technology to Manila, it faced three well-entrenched rivals. Today, it boasts a 50% market share, and is expanding into internet data centers

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  • GlobalData Report pc

    GlobalData Ranks Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 as a Leader in DCI


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Key Technologies of DCI

How to Accelerate Network Deployment
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Key Technologies of DCI

How to Reduce Fiber Leasing, Space Rental, Equipment, and Energy Costs
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Key Technologies of DCI

How to Implement Intelligent O&M

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