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AP8082DN & AP8182DN Access Points

The latest 802.11ac Wave 2 outdoor Access Points (APs). These APs support 4 x 4 MU-MIMO and four spatial streams. With excellent outdoor coverage and ruggedized hardware, they are suited to high-density environments including stadiums and parks.


Specifications AP8082DN & AP8182DN
Dimensions (Length x Diameter) 387 mm x φ165 mm
Power Input PoE power supply: In compliance with IEEE 802.3at/bt; only the 2.5G/5G port supports PoE input
Maximum Power Consumption 802.3bt power supply: 45W (excluding the output power of the PoE OUT port)
802.3at power supply: 25.5W (the PoE OUT function and GE/POE OUT ports are unavailable, 5 GE and SFP are mutually exclusive)

Notes: The actual maximum power consumption depends on local laws and regulations. In 802.3at power supply mode, the radio power is reduced, and the 2.4 GHz radio frequency works in 2 x 4 MIMO mode
Operating Temperature –40°C to 65°C
Antenna Type AP8082DN: Built-in directional antennas (horizontal 60°, vertical 30°)
AP8182DN: External antennas (with eight type N connectors)
Maximum Number of Concurrent Users ≤ 512
Maximum Transmit Power AP8082DN: 2.4G: 29 dBm (combined power)       5G: 28 dBm (combined power)
AP8182DN: 2.4G: 28 dBm (combined power)       5G: 27 dBm (combined power)

Note: The actual transmit power depends on local laws and regulations
MIMO: Spatial Streams 4 x 4:4
Radio Protocols 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac Wave 2
Maximum Rate AP8082DN: 2.53 Gbit/s
AP8182DN: 3.46 Gbit/s

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