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    Optical Access — Huawei OptiXaccess

    Passive all-optical network access solutions for enterprises, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Multiple System Operators (MSOs).


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Why Huawei Optical Access?

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Industry Leader

Huawei is ranked number one in the optical access field.

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Unified Access

All services are executed in a unified manner, with the potential for unlimited business expansion while reducing the physical footprint by 80% and cabling costs by 50%.

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Intelligent O&M

Unified Network Management System (NMS), user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), and quick fault location and demarcation.

Select the Best Product for Your Business


Huawei SmartAX MA5800

The MA5800 multi-service access device is a 4K/8K/VR-ready OLT in the gigabit ultra-broadband era. It supports the PON/10G PON/GE/10GE shared platform. The MA5800 adopts the distributed architecture and supports multi-media gigabit aggregation, optimal 4K/8K/VR video experience, multi-service virtualization sharing platform, and smooth evolution to 50G PON. The MA5800 series is mainly available as the MA5800-X7.

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Application Scenarios

With its rich products and innovative solution portfolios, the Huawei FTTH solution helps customers seize opportunities and achieve differentiated service development and rapid revenue growth.
Through F5G optical technologies, the Huawei FTTO solution revolutionizes campus network transmission media, architecture, and O&M, helping industry customers build smart campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.
Huawei's MiniFTTO solution provides dual-band Wi-Fi 6, enabling ultra-gigabit all-optical wired and wireless access anywhere. It supports visualized management on a mobile app, simplifying O&M, even for those with limited expertise. In addition, the solution uses next-generation power over fiber (PoF) cables and plug-and-play terminals, building smart high-speed networks.
The Huawei FTTM solution applies F5G optical technologies to the industrial field to provide a bearer network featuring simple architecture, large bandwidth, low latency, high security, high reliability, and energy saving.

Stories of Success

DS networks: Fiber Optics and High-Speed Wi-Fi for Students

DS networks: Fiber Optics and High-Speed Wi-Fi for Students

Thanks to POL, DS-networks can provide every apartment with high-performance gigabit fiber Internet.

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Lighting Up Energy: CEM Deploys Future-Oriented OSU OTN Electric Power Plane B Optical Communication Networks

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Top Spanish Travel Business Embraces its Workplace Upgrade with an IP + POL Network

Huawei’s innovative IP + POL offering are revolutionizing AVORIS ’ campus network transmission media, architecture, and O&M within a network, enabling smart next-generation campus networks with ultra-high bandwidth and energy efficiency.

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Dongfeng Machine Tool Plant: Building All-Optical Networks with Huawei for an Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park

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MyNet Super-Charges Italian SMEs with Huawei GPON Technology

MyNet, a fiber optic provider in Italy, super-charges italian SMEs with Huawei GPON technology. With the help of MyNet and Huawei technology, the long-term performance and smoothness of internet access to enterprise clients’ terminals, telephone, and enterprise management services are greatly improved.


DTGO Thailand: FTTO Lights up a Smart, Green Community

As many countries set targets for net zero carbon, enterprises are replacing copper with fiber and adopting all-optical campus networks for next-generation smart campuses. For Forestias, DTGO partnered with Huawei, deploying Huawei's FTTO solution to build a green and fully-connected ICT infrastructure network.

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Campus Application Intelligence

Orizzonte Village Resort Builds a Green All-Optical Campus with a Huawei Solution

With the rapid development of ICT infrastructure, it has become essential to provide a strong and secure Internet connection for tourists.

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Huawei Campus OptiX Solution Helps Realize a Superior Medical Experience for Union Shenzhen Hospital

In the digital economy, high-quality networks have become essential to constructing smart hospitals.In the digital economy, high-quality networks have become essential to constructing smart hospitals.

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Converge ICT Builds ISP Network to Promote Philippines Digital Economy

Huawei proposed its Agile WAN Solution to Converge, which will use NE40E universal service routers to build a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) 2.0 network. The network will help Converge construct an intelligent, ultra-broadband, and simplified network that meets our service development and network evolution needs.

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