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What Is Intelligent Video & Data Analytics?

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Intelligent video surveillance lies at the core of the intelligent world, enabling sensory connections on a global scale, acting as the connecting point of the physical and digital worlds, and serving as a powerful catalyst for the digital and intelligent transformation of industry.

Huawei HoloSens Intelligent Video & Data Analytics — built on Huawei's cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and accumulated expertise in big data, cloud, and 5G — revolutionizes the video surveillance industry, transforming it from a model of simple video collection, to one of 360° data awareness, moving from basic perception toward smart foresight and intelligent prediction.

Huawei promotes a "2 + 4 + N" strategy, namely: 2 inclusive AI technologies empowered by Ascend and Kunpeng chips; 4 mission-critical features: verified data, powerful intelligence, advanced openness, and robust security; and N ecosystem applications and partners, enabling intelligent video surveillance across diverse industries. As such, this strategy involves four aspects.

From video recording only, to multi-dimensional data awareness: A Huawei Software-Defined Camera (SDC) — with a full hardware series available, designed for diverse scenarios — converges cloud Internet of Things (IoT) data with media and information networks, to realize 360° awareness of people, vehicles, objects, the environment, and behaviors, mining multi-dimensional data for true value, and promising to comprehensively safeguard cities.

From exclusive AI to inclusive AI: Huawei provides a full range of intelligent video surveillance products featuring device-edge-cloud synergy, and based on best-in-class Ascend AI chips that realize large-scale matrix intelligence by applying AI technologies to various scenarios.

From basic safety protection to smart businesses and lives: Following a clear vision — "AI + platform + openness" — Huawei has built an algorithm and application store based on Ascend and Kunpeng chips, developed a multi-algorithm concurrency framework (which supports the concurrent operation of diverse algorithms from different vendors), and established Huawei OpenLabs across the globe, promoting cooperation with local partners, all with the aim of fostering and enriching an intelligent ecosystem.

From skin-deep security to built-in security: Huawei provides built-in security across the entire service process, including organizational structure, product development, and product delivery, providing customers with trusted products and services that ensure watertight security.

Huawei HoloSens Intelligent Video & Data Analytics provides a full SDC series —, an Intelligent Video Surveillance Platform (IVS), an Intelligent Video and Image Data Platform (IVD), and an Intelligent Command Platform (ICP) — for campuses and other scenarios in the transportation, education, and finance sectors, among others. Along with algorithm and application vendor partners, Huawei remains committed to providing an open and inclusive ecosystem that will usher in the intelligent era for a wide variety of industries.

Safeguarding Society

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  • jichanganbao

    As an airport security officer...

    It is my job to provide security services for 130,000+ passengers every day.

    With cutting-edge AI algorithms and big data technology, Huawei Smart Traffic Video Surveillance Solution provides traffic violation recognition, and incident detection, for airports, railways, highways, and other transportation areas to simplify management and improve service quality, ensuring travelers have the most secure, efficient, and comfortable experience.

  • Industry 03 v2

    As an O&M supervisor...

    I am responsible for safe and efficient transportation of 4000+ people and 1000+ vehicles within the 120,000 square meters of workspace. Every day, I must create a safe and comfortable working and living environment for everyone in the campus.

    Huawei Smart Campus Video Surveillance Solution helps our customers build a comprehensive security system to improve living and vehicle travel efficiency and achieve visualized, digital, and intelligent management. This solution makes everyday life easier for all, and simplifies work at an intelligence level.

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