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Digital Services for Global Businesses and Governments

  • 3 Global Service Centers

  • 9 Integrated Verification Centers

  • 50,000+ Customers

  • 4200+ Partners

  • 900+ ICT Academies

By 2025, we will collectively live our lives digitally, mediated by over 40 billion personal smart devices. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cloud, Virtual Reality (VR), big data, Smart Cities — all will fundamentally change the ways we live and the ways we work.

Navigating through such an array of new technology — implementing solutions that make business sense — is far from easy. Indeed, the majority of organizations simply lack the expertise to even begin to undertake the task.

Huawei’s smart services are designed to help. Oriented for global businesses and governments, they cover every step of the way, from strategic development and implementation to operational support, effectively helping customers achieve digital transformation.


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