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Hier finden Sie aktuelle und archivierte Pressemeldungen zu Produkten, Lösungen, Veranstaltungen und Branchenthemen

  • Huawei Recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure for the Third Year in a Row


    [Shenzhen, China, June 22, 2022] Recently, Huawei announced that it has been named a 2022 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure, receiving this distinction for a third straight year. According to the 'Voice of the Customer' report, Huawei received a total of 176 reviews and an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars from global customers across industries as of March 31, 2022. We think, this distinction is a testament to the widespread endorsement of Huawei's CloudCampus Solution by customers worldwide.

  • Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage Wins Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2022


    [Shenzhen, China, June 16, 2022] At Interop Tokyo 2022, the largest ICT exhibition in Japan, Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage won Special Prize for Best of Show Award in the Server & Storage category. This is the first world-class award won by Huawei OceanProtect Backup Storage, demonstrating its high-end and competitive advantages.

  • Huawei MiniFTTO Solution Wins Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2022


    [Tokyo, Japan, June 15, 2022] During the Interop Tokyo 2022, Huawei MiniFTTO solution that feature premium experience and simple O&M won the Interop 2022 Best of Show Award Runners-up.

  • Huawei's NetEngine A821 E Universal Service Router Wins the Interop 2022 Best of Show Award


    [Japan, Tokyo,June 15, 2022] At Interop 2022, the largest ICT exhibition in Japan, Huawei's datacom product NetEngine A821 E won the Best of Show Award. The product was singled out by the Interop Tokyo Steering Committee for being the industry's ultra-compact and ultra-large-capacity multi-purpose router for the metro network edge. It delivers SRv6 and 10GE FlexE slicing capabilities, enables fast cloud access by enterprises, and provides premium private line assurance.

  • Huawei L3 ADN Solution for Campuses: "Three Zeros" Digital Experience


    [Shenzhen, China, June 15, 2022] At the Huawei Partner & Developer Conference 2022, Huawei unveiled the L3 autonomous driving network (ADN) solution for enterprise campuses. Featuring "three zeros" — zero-wait service provisioning, zero application interruption, and zero risks access — this solution redefines automatic management and O&M for enterprise campus networks, accelerating the pace of enterprise digital transformation.

  • Huawei Intelligent Net-Zero Carbon Campus Solution Wins WSIS Prize 2022 Champion


    [Geneva, Switzerland, June 1, 2022] Huawei has been named a World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2022 Prizes Champion at the WSIS 2022 Forum's Prizes Ceremony in Geneva for its use of their intelligent net-zero carbon campus solution at the Yancheng Low-carbon & Smart Energy Industrial Park project. A total of 996 projects were considered for this award, and the selection process took five months.

  • Building Green Financial Data Centers on 4 Key Storage Technologies


    [Guizhou, China, May 26, 2022] At the China International Big Data Industry Expo under the theme of Eastern Data, Western Computing (Cross-Region Data Processing): Building a National Computing Network System, Huawei and related organizations jointly released the Research Report on Green and High-Quality Data Center Development for Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality (hereinafter referred to as "the Research Report").

  • Towards Green, Fully Optical, and Intelligent Connections: Huawei Creates New Value for Internet Service Industry


    [Vienna, Austria, May 24, 2022] Huawei held its annual Global Internet Service Industry Summit in Vienna. To align with Europe's all-optical network strategy of eco-friendliness, intelligence, and digital transformation, Huawei launched new products and solutions including NetEngine 8000 M4, OTN P2MP private line, and Fiber to The Room (FTTR). The summit, joined by global business leaders, partners, and think tanks, also featured discussions on Europe’s all-optical trend and transformation of managed services, creating new value together.

  • Strategie für grüne und kohlenstoffarme Datenspeicherung


    Mit der „3+1“-Strategie will Huawei Datenspeicherung in Zukunft grüner gestalten. Im Rahmen dieser Strategie soll der Energieverbrauch pro Terabyte Daten durch Designs mit hoher Dichte, Systemkonvergenz, Datenreduzierung und Verwaltung des Kohlenstoff-Fußabdrucks über den gesamten Lebenszyklus reduziert werden.

  • Huawei stellt neues Datenspeicherkonzept vor


    Auf dem Huawei Innovative Data Infrastructure (IDI) Forum in München stellte Huawei ein neues Speicherkonzept vor. Um kontinuierlich hochzuverlässige und leistungsfähige Speichertechnologien zu entwickeln, soll der Entwicklung von entkoppelten Speicher-Rechen-Architekturen und verschiedenen Datenbeschleunigungsanwendungen Priorität eingeräumt werden.

  • Huawei's Next-Generation Intelligent Campus Product Launched in Asia Pacific


    [Singapore, May 19, 2022] The Huawei APAC Digital Innovation Congress 2022, jointly held by Huawei and the ASEAN Foundation, opened today in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The event attracted over 500 industry customers and partners both onsite and online. During the event, Huawei launched its new products for Intelligent Campus which is one of Huawei's product portfolio solutions. Nicholas Ma, President of Huawei Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group, and David Lu, President of Huawei Asia Pacific Strategy & Marketing Department, attended the launch.

  • Huawei Recognized as a 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers' Choice for Network Firewalls


    [Shenzhen, China, May 19, 2022] Recently, Huawei firewalls were named a "Customers' Choice" in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights "Voice of the Customer: Network Firewalls" report. We think this signifies how highly the products are regarded by global customers for their excellent quality and comprehensive services. In the report, Huawei received an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars again this year, scoring highest among all recognised vendors worldwide.

  • Huawei Debuts Its Full-Stack Data Center Solution in Asia Pacific First Time


    [Singapore, May 19, 2022] Huawei held the “Fast, Reliable, and Green Data Center” Forum on the Huawei APAC Digital Innovation Conference 2022. Discussing how enterprises can build new generation data centers in the digital economy to cope with several challenges, such as rapid data volume growth, data protection, and low-carbon. This forum attracted over 500 customers and partners from various industries and countries in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Huawei Debuts Digital Banking Solutions in TCF 2022


    [London, England, May 18, 2022] At the Temenos Community Forum (TCF 2022) held during May 17 to 19, Huawei attended as a silver sponsor and debuted cloud-native, agile, trusted, and open digital banking solutions.

  • Huawei Coal Mine Team Sails to the Sea to Promote Intelligent Mines Worldwide


    [Cape Town, South African, May 16, 2022] The South African Digital Mining Summit was held in Cape Town on May 9-12. At the summit, Xu Jun, CTO of Huawei Coal Mine Team, introduced that Huawei, as a leading global ICT infrastructure and smart device provider, set up the Coal Mine Team in early 2021, focusing on Huawei's best technical and R&D experts. Huawei has built an advanced industrial Internet framework and developed various smart mining solutions for mining groups such as China National Energy, Shaanxi Coal, and Shandong Gold.

  • Huawei Cloud Ranks First in China's Financial Cloud Infrastructure Market


    [Shenzhen, China, May 13, 2022] The Financial Cloud Semiannual Tracker (2021 H2) report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) ranked Huawei Cloud first on China's financial cloud infrastructure market. At the same time, Huawei Cloud Stack has ranked first on China's self-built financial cloud infrastructure market for four consecutive years.

  • Huawei Demonstrates Urban Rail All-Optical Network Series Solutions at 2022 Asia Pacific Rail Exhibition


    [Bangkok, Thailand, May 12, 2022] Recently, Huawei demonstrated a series of urban rail all-optical network solutions at the 2022 Asia Pacific Rail Exhibition, including the next-generation urban rail bearer network solution and Fiber to the Machine (FTTM) all-optical station solution, and highlighted the next-generation urban rail bearer network solution to enable urban rail to enter the smart era.

  • Huawei Announces the OlympusMons Award Challenges for 2022 to Deepen Industry-Academia-Institute Cooperation


    [Munich, Germany, May 12, 2022] At the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Huawei announced the two challenges for the OlympusMons Award 2022, namely data infrastructure with maximum energy efficiency and data storage with ultimate per-bit cost efficiency. Huawei aims to inspire scientists worldwide to tackle the most-pressing data storage challenges together.

  • Huawei Upgrades the OceanStor Pacific Series to Embrace New Workloads of the Yottabyte Era


    [Munich, Germany, May 12, 2022] At the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Huawei announced the upgraded features of the OceanStor Pacific distributed storage, including the disaster recovery solution of multiple active data centers and converged storage solution for data lakehouses. The OceanStor Pacific series meets the needs of new applications like HPDA, big data, and mass data backup and archiving.

  • Huawei Upgrades Enterprise Storage and Data Protection Products for All-Flash Data Centers


    [Munich, Germany, May 12, 2022] At the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Huawei today announced the upgraded OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage and OceanProtect Backup Storage products for all-flash data centers. The container storage solution, ransomware protection storage solution, and datacenter storage tool kit are now added to these series, accelerating the push for ubiquitous, secure, and green data services.