Huawei Launches Flagship IdeaHub ES2 Plus, Leading Smart Office for Enterprises


[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2024] At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei launched a new flagship collaborative whiteboard, the IdeaHub ES2 Plus. The product, which boasts several technical breakthroughs and product innovations, is expected to set a benchmark for the newest generation of digital and intelligent enterprise office solutions.

Michael Qiu, the president of Huawei's Data Storage Marketing & Solutions Sales Dept., explained that Huawei has dived deep in the professional video conferencing industry for around 30 years with profound technical accumulation. "In the age of intelligence," he emphasized, "Huawei Intelligent Collaboration utilizes audiovisual communication and collaboration technologies to make intelligent services easily accessible and enhance connectivity between people and organizations through intelligent endpoints, improving organizational efficiency."

Simon Dai, solution director of Huawei Marketing & Solution Sales CTO Office, launched the IdeaHub ES2 Plus

Simon Dai, solution director of Huawei Marketing & Solution Sales CTO Office, launched the IdeaHub ES2 Plus

The IdeaHub ES2 Plus comes loaded with a variety of upgraded features in the following aspects:

• Intelligent Video Capabilities

An intelligent triple-lens camera system, called Galileo's Eyes, is able to quickly switch focus between speakers in just one second, for seamless transitions in multi-speaker meetings. It can detect voices up to eight meters away and display speakers in the optimal golden ratio of 60%. Additionally, it can display two speakers on the same screen when they are conversing together.

• Intelligent Audio Capabilities

The solution supports 12-meter sound pickup and uses intelligent beamforming sound pickup technology to effectively eliminate over 300 types of noise in meeting rooms, guaranteeing clear audio quality for all participants. Additionally, the acoustic baffle function creates a dedicated meeting space by blocking out external noise beyond the specified area.

• Smart Office

The IdeaHub's dual mirroring and control function also allows you to easily view and control the screen on your personal devices, while presenters can maintain control of their personal devices from the IdeaHub itself. It can also double the 4K frame rate from 30 to 60 fps, delivering silky-smooth video during meetings. The product also supports professional 4K video meetings, 1080p Huawei Cloud Meeting, and the Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) feature, giving users extra flexibility.

In addition to the IdeaHub ES2 Plus, Huawei Intelligent Collaboration has launched a range of products to cater to all office scenarios and boost organizational efficiency. These include the IdeaHub ES2, IdeaHub B3 for lightweight enterprise offices, and IdeaPresence LED giant-screen display for high-end large meeting rooms.

New IdeaHub series products for 2024

New IdeaHub series products for 2024

"Currently, cross-organization and cross-region communication is a must-have for enterprises," shared Serdar Kuzyaka, the general manager of Türkiye's MSK Global. "The IdeaHub is at the forefront of implementing digital office solutions that enhance efficiency and creativity and will continue to lead the way in the new era of digital office."

Similarly, Alex Cabo, chief product officer of MCR Info Electronic in Spain, said that the IdeaHub simplified user operations and unified conference room standards, making it a powerful tool for opening up the emerging market of enterprise digital conference rooms.

Guests jointly launched the new IdeaHub series products for 2024

Guests jointly launched the new IdeaHub series products for 2024

From meetings to digital offices, Huawei Intelligent Collaboration strives to facilitate efficient connection and collaboration between individuals and organizations, bringing digital into every workspace and building an intelligent world where everything is connected.