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    Digital Classroom Solution

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Digital Classroom Solution

The Huawei Smart Classroom Solution includes the Huawei Digital Classroom Solution, which uses in-house chips and algorithms to combine the HUAWEI IdeaHub Board 2, application software, and accessories like microphones for multimedia teaching. Huawei also partners with ecosystem partners to provide various teaching content and applications for easy access to teaching resources.


Continuous Security

Healthy learning environment

Optical anti-blue light to protect eyes
CCRC certification for information security

End-to-end Networking

Injecting IT into traditional teaching methods

Combining blackboards with digital technology
Synchronous erasing and interactive teaching

Business Continuity

Accessible teaching applications

Courseware for after-class review
Rich tools for fun and immersive teaching

210 business handling

Engaging class content

Easy access to authorized digital teaching resources
All-round learning analysis for scientifically improved academic performance


The Huawei Digital Classroom Solution enhances traditional classrooms by combining the IdeaHub Board 2 with modern accessories, injecting digital into classrooms through blackboards, lecterns, and acoustic devices. Furthermore, the solution allows teachers to access one-stop services on the IdeaHub Board 2, including course preparation, teaching, evaluation, and communication through teaching software installation.

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