HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 Launched for Smart Office and Education


[Beijing, China, August 8, 2022] CCTV News joined Huawei at the Intelligent Collaboration 2022 New Product Launch, which officially released the HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 – the first ever HarmonyOS collaboration flat panel. The IdeaHub S2 is another success to add to Huawei's portfolio of innovative, industry-leading solutions, creating better value for customers.

CCTV News Joins Huawei at the Huawei Intelligent Collaboration 2022 New Product Launch

At the event, Sun Quan, President of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Domain, explained how ubiquitous connectivity and intelligence are the catalyst for changing habits in our work and daily life. Based on an advanced smart office system, Huawei is able to build an effective communication and collaboration strategy for the global team.

Sun Quan said, "We hope to make the efficient, intelligent working style inclusive to everyone, not just to Huawei employees. This is our mission, and with it, we release the next-generation IdeaHub S2, the industry's first intelligent product to run on HarmonyOS. We look forward to working with partners and customers to create more value, and bring digital to every workspace, so that everyone can enjoy a smart working style."

Highlights of the All-new HUAWEI IdeaHub S2

The new HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 injects intelligence into all scenarios, including the workplaces, schools, and homes. It integrates a series of cutting-edge technologies, such as FHD video conferencing, Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM), Wi-Fi 6 for direct projection, Multi-Window, and App Multiplier, making it a perfect choice to help every workspace to go digital.

All-Scenario Intelligent Meetings with High-Level Security Certification

HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 is designed based on Huawei's accumulated expertise of professional video conferencing technologies in nearly 30 years. It provides end-to-end capabilities in video collection, coding, transmission, decoding, and display, rendering true-to-life video images for a superb FHD experience. In addition, mainstream cloud conferencing apps, such as Huawei Cloud Meeting and HUAWEI CLOUD WeLink, can be directly used on the IdeaHub S2 without an additional OPS, improving cost-effectiveness and user experience.

The product adopts a BYOM design that allows you to seamlessly transfer meetings on a mobile phone or PC to the panel, signaling the shift toward intelligent meetings.

Further, HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 is certified by the CC EAL5+, the highest security certification for commercial systems. The IdeaHub S2 provides cloud-pipe-device-chip full-link protection, including API permissions, sensitive information protection, and access recording.

Smart Office and Ecosystem of Extensive Apps

HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 adopts the new Wi-Fi Direct technology that implements one-step projection. Now, you can simply enable Wi-Fi on your device to start projection. This combines perfectly with the intelligent whiteboard with an industry-low latency of 16 ms, ensuring writing is as easy as with pen and paper.

In addition, the Multi-Window feature is supported, allowing you to effortlessly multitask, such as browse information and write on the whiteboard at the same time, boosting the working efficiency. Over 1000 apps are ready with the App Multiplier function for easy content navigation in dual windows, giving you a larger area to perform tasks. The IdeaHub S2 features six open capabilities over meeting, whiteboard, projection, user interface (UI), management, and enterprise customization, allowing quick integration for partners' apps.

The new HUAWEI IdeaHub series offers full-stack solutions for office, education, and homes, delivering a premium, intelligent experience for any industry or environment. Apart from the next-gen IdeaHub S2, which is setting a trend for digital office transformation, the all-new IdeaHub B2 is tailored for meetings, while IdeaHub Board 2 is tailored for education.