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Excellent Wi-Fi Experience

Huawei 's All-Scenario WLAN Solution supports scenarios which include a large number of concurrent users, densely-located rooms, all-wireless offices, Wi-Fi and IoT convergence, and outdoor high-density coverage. This solution provides customizable networking schemes and is compatible with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6. 
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High-Density Wi-Fi

The increase in user terminals has driven the popularity of wireless access in conference rooms, media centers, waiting halls, and stadiums. High-concurrency access of users presents a challenge to wireless networks, that traditional solutions fail to meet. Huawei analyzes the requirements of terminals and service characteristics in high-density scenarios, and launched the High-Density Wi-Fi Solution to address this challenge.

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Agile Distributed Wi-Fi

Recently, informatization has integrated into various industries such as education, business, and enterprise. In settings with densely distributed rooms, such as dormitories, hotels, and hospital wards, traditional indoor settled AP solutions are troubled by poor indoor signal coverage and insufficient service performance. After conducting analysis, Huawei delivered its Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution to resolve the requirements of terminals and service characteristics in such scenarios.

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IoT and Wi-Fi Convergence

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled shopping malls, supermarkets, and retail stores to adopt RFID-based Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), lowering labor costs and reducing errors in ESL replacement. However, new IoT networks are constructed independent of Wi-Fi, and the nodes are spread across different sites. This necessitates extensive hardware investment and maintenance costs. Huawei has developed an IoT Wi-Fi Convergence Solution based on the versatile open network architecture. The solution enables IoT and Wi-Fi data to be transmitted over a single suite of networks, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50%.

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Huawei WLAN Location

With the rapid development of Wi-Fi and short-range wireless technology as well as constant improvements on data processing capability, nearly all industries are attempting to provide users with personalized, customized service offerings based on the location services. Whether in indoor or outdoor environments, enterprises are considering providing value-added services based on precise user location information to improve marketing, sales, and services. Huawei’s WLAN Location Solution helps enterprises build their desired location service networks with Wi-Fi at the core. The Huawei solution integrates multiple location algorithms and provides enterprises with diverse location services at different precision levels. Huawei is cooperating extensively with application eco-partners through open platforms to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation.

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eSight Full Lifecycle WLAN Management

With the rapid development of Internet technology, wireless networks are becoming more prevalent in a variety of organizations and sectors, such as governments, enterprises, schools, and finance. However, deploying, maintaining, and operating wireless networks present serious challenges. Huawei’s eSight Full Lifecycle WLAN Management Solution integrates operation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks and offers six key features: Visualized planning, three-step deployment, 360-degree monitoring, one-click diagnosis, mobile operation and maintenance, and open operation.

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