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eLTE-DSA Smart Grid Solution

Traditional power grid industries are facing challenges during the process of developing into the energy Internet in many different aspects, including generation, transmission, distribution, and assumption. For example, the power grid control has extended to the customer end, the number of control points has increased to millions, and the real-time requirements are more strict. The data collection represented by smart meters is exploding, and the frequency of acquisition is getting higher. All of these changes have imposed stringent requirements on grid communication networks, which should support high reliability, low latency, wide coverage, low power consumption, and large connections.

eLTE-DSA (Discrete Spectrum Aggregation) is a converged wireless private network solution based on 4.5G technology, adapted to discrete narrow-band spectrum features and implemented by discrete spectrum aggregation technology. This solution has the advantages of high security and reliability, strong anti-interference ability, low latency, large capacity, low power consumption, etc. It can meet the needs of diversified service access, supporting precise load control, distribution automation, power information collection, charging pile management, distributed energy management, and other services.


Select the Optimal Products for Your Business

  • Core Network Devices

  • Radio Access Network Devices

  • Terminals


eCore is based on a miniaturized hardware platform, supporting broadband access and trunking services via a virtualization feature.


A DSA that fully utilizes Huawei platform resources and a variety of technologies to meet the challenges of smart union network development.


The eA780 is used for the wireless transmission of DA and AMI services with reliability and adaptability functions.

Supports highly reliable LTE wireless data transmission Adapts to industrial environments with IP30 protection level Supports RS232/RS485/RS422 industrial standard serial ports Operates on multiple frequency bands: 400M and 450M Supports Category 6, DL 2 x 2 MIMO

Why Huawei?

  • Advanced Technologies

    Leading Wireless Technology

    eLTE-DSA is based on 4.5G technology and supports future technology evolution. It adopts discrete spectrum aggregation technology with high spectrum efficiency to support diversified power service access, helping customers to achieve the goal of efficient smart grid construction.

  • High Efficiency Power Generation

    Building the Best Communication Channels in the Power Industry

    Based on deep understanding of the pain points in the power industry and collaborative innovation with the State Grid of China, Huawei builds the best communication channels for adapting the spectrum characteristics and business needs of the power business. The eLTE-DSA solution has successfully served the 20+ provinces and cities of the State Grid of China, supporting the ubiquitous power-IoT construction.

  • Multi-layer Ecosystem

    Open Cooperation and Industry Ecosystem

    The DSA module terminal can be integrated with third parties. Huawei has cooperated with many domestic manufacturers to provide diversified DSA-based power terminals such as RTU, concentrator, collector, and fault indicator. The DSA solution can be incubated locally and the ecosystem can be built quickly through Huawei global OpenLab resources.

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