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Huawei Data Protection Appliance

A data protection product with integrated backup software, servers, and storage components, Huawei Data Protection Appliance features distributed architecture that facilitates linear expansion of both performance and capacity, enabling a single system to protect, construct, and manage user data and applications. This helps improve data protection efficiency, reduce data protection investment, and simplify data management.

The product is well suited to a wide range of industries, including the government, finance, carrier, health care, and manufacturing sectors.



Parameters DPA3210 DPA3610 DPA3230 DPA3630
Min. Nodes Required 1 1 3 3
Node Height 2U 4U 2U 4U
Number of Disks per Node 12 36 12 36
Disk Type 4/6/8/10 TB SATA
Network Port GE/10 GE
Software Support
Files systems: Windows, Linux, and UNIX
Databases and applications: MongoDB, GaussDB, Oracle, Oracle RAC, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, Hadoop, SAP HANA, SharePoint, Exchange, Sybase, PostgreSQL, TimesTen, Cassandra, GBase, Dameng database, Shentong database, Kingbase database
Virtualization: VMware, Hyper-V, FusionCompute, H3C CAS, XenServer, SANGFOR HCI
Cloud platforms: OpenStack, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack


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