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Huawei OptiXtrans DC908

An optical-electrical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transmission device designed for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and ready for the toughest challenges of the intelligent era, OptiXtrans DC908 features: simplified deployment, from scratch to completion in just eight minutes; ultra-broadband and high integration, with 96T per fiber, (sufficient for the next 10 years); and intelligent, proactive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) that’s AI ready.

Vendor Comparison

Product Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 Others
Optical/Electrical Integration Supported Unsupported by most vendors
Intuitive One-Click Deployment Supported Unsupported 
Simplified Optical Layer One board for each optical direction Multiple boards for each optical direction
Intelligent O&M Proactive O&M
Network resource and health prediction for fast and accurate troubleshooting
Visualized O&M O&M LCD information display Unsupported by most vendors
600 mm Cabinet Supported Unsupported by most vendors
Number of Wavelengths 120 at Super C band (240 wavelengths at Super C+L bands) 96
Chassis 2 U 1 U and 2 U
Chassis Capacity 12.8 Tbit/s 2.4–4.8 Tbit/s
Integration (T/U) 6.4 Tbit/s 2.4–4.8 Tbit/s
Max. Line Rate per Wavelength 600–800 Gbit/s 600–800 Gbit/s
Reliability 1 + 1 control board protection Most other vendors do not support 1 + 1 control board protection.
Web GUI Network-level Device-level
Unsupported by most vendors

Technical Specifications

Parameter Description
Chassis Dimensions (H x W x D) 86.1 mm x 442 mm x 500 mm
Maximum Capacity 12.8 Tbit/s
Number of Service Board Slots 8
Applicable Cabinet 19-inch cabinet
Line-Side Port Rate (Programmable) • 100 Gbit/s (PDM_QPSK, PDM_wDCM_QPSK)
• 200 Gbit/s (PDM_16QAM, PDM_16QAM-H, PDM_e16QAM, PDM_QPSK)
• 400 Gbit/s (PDM_16QAM)
• 600 Gbit/s (PDM_16QAM)
• 800 Gbit/s (PDM_e64QAM)
Optical Module • Wavelength-tunable optical module MSA
• Wavelength-tunable and pluggable CFP2
Client-Side Port Access Service Type GE,10 GE LAN, 10 GE WAN, 40 GE, 100 GE, 400 GE, OTU4, OTU2, OTU2e, STM-64, FC100, FC200, FC400, FC800, FC1200, FC1600, and FC3200
Optical Module • Pluggable SFP+
• Pluggable QSFP28, QSFP+, and QSFP-DD
Optical Power Management ALS, AGC, eALC, APE, and IPA
Maximum Number of Wavelengths 120 at Super C band (240 wavelengths at Super C+L) @50GHz
Channel Spacing Fixed grid: 50 GHz, 75 GHz, 100 GHz, 150 GHz
Center Frequency Range 190.7 THz to 196.65 THz & 184.3THz~190.325THz
Center Wavelength Range 1524.50 nm to 1572.06 nm & 1575.37-1626.21nm
Protection • Optical line protection
• Intra-board 1 + 1 protection
• Client 1 + 1 protection
Management Interface CLI, GUI, SNMP, NCE-T, and NETCONF
Encryption Algorithm AES-256
O&M Features • Intuitive one-click deployment
• Proactive O&M with resource and health prediction for fast and accurate troubleshooting
• O&M LCD information display
Reliability 1 + 1 control board protection
Power Supply Backup 1 + 1 power supply backup
AC • Rated voltage range:
  100 V AC to 120 V AC (50/60 Hz)
  200 V AC to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
• Maximum voltage range: 90 V AC to 264 V AC (47 Hz to 63 Hz)
High-Voltage DC • Rated voltage: 240 V HVDC
• Maximum voltage range: 192 V HVDC to 288 V HVDC
DC • Rated voltage: –48 V DC
• Maximum voltage range: –40 V DC to –72 V DC
Heat Dissipation • Front-to-rear air flow
• 2 + 1 fan tray assembly backup

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