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Finansal Dijitalleşmeyi Hızlandırmak İçin Stratejik Girişimler

As industries upgrade and converge, the financial services sector is itself undergoing transformation — with operations moving to the cloud — powered by an ecosystem of connected devices, constructed for all scenarios. In this environment, three strategic initiatives from Huawei aim to transform financial institutions into fully-equipped, digital ecosystem-based enterprises.

• Encouraging institutions to fully embrace cloud-native strategies, innovative technologies provide optimal infrastructure to accelerate digital and intelligent convergence, creating a truly agile platform.

• Deepening digitalization across all industry scenarios enhances the safe and secure transfer of data, unlocking the potential value of big data and advancing financial inclusion.

• Aggregating different Software as a Service (SaaS) products helps to build an open ecosystem for all scenarios, unlocking scenario-based financial services.

Solution Framework

  • Full connectivity

    • We converge diverse channels and use AI and intelligent sensing to deliver the optimal user experience.
    • Everything is connected. We synergize devices, edges, pipes, and clouds. We connect people, things, places, and intelligence.
    • Financial services are available anytime, anywhere.

  • Full intelligence

    • Our architecture integrates data and AI, enabling data-driven services. AI facilitates sensing, perception, and decision-making.
    • Customers access everything as a service, combining models that suit their unique needs.
    • Digital is at the core, making services agile.

Intelligent Finance Solutions that Work for You

  • s 2305

    Decisions and Operations

    Extract the maximum value from the data you generate by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive the actionable insights that fuel better-informed decision making, power service innovation, and accelerate digital transformation.
  • cloud

    Cloud Migration

    Superior user experience, unlocked data value, and faster business innovation
  • jichushesi

    MEGA Infrastructure

    For Green, Sustainable Finance
  • solutions 1

    Transaction Core System

    Start your transformation journey in the right way with digital banking architecture that's robust enough to support and foster future growth.
  • aicc

    Finance AICC Solution

    Smarter Customer Care
  • solution 01 2305

    Digital Payment

    The cloud-based, pre-integrated Mobile Finance Solution is now actively supporting banks as they bring successful mobile financial services to market.
  • finance fpggp pc 1112

    Huawei Finans Ortağı
    Küresel Programı Başlatın

    Daha İleriye Gitmek için Bir Araya Gelelim

Müşterilerinin Başarılı Olmasına Nasıl Yardımcı Oluyoruz?

  • 7 solutions industries finance 7 solutions industries financeNCBA
  • 7 solutions industries finance 7 solutions industries black financeICBC (Argentina)
  • 7 solutions industries finance 7 solutions industries black financeItau
  • 7 solutions industries finance 7 solutions industries black financeDBS
  • 7 solutions industries finance 7 solutions industries black financeAbsolut
  • 7 solutions industries finance 7 solutions industries black financeCMB
  • finance succeed 01

    Eric Muriuki Njagim, Group Director for Digital Business, NCBA

    NCBA Bank: Investing in Technology to Offer Inclusive Financial Services

    We have a view or a mission to be Africa's most valued digital platform for financial services, which then means we are seeking to move to not just identify ourselves as a bank but actually identify ourselves as a marketplace upon which financial services are offered, upon which customers can then find innovations that impact positively their daily life. So that also was a primary motivation for the investment we made with HUAWEI and the continued collaboration with them.

  • finance succeed 02

    Carlos Gamallo, Internet Protocol (IP) Network Manager, ICBC Argentina

    ICBC Argentina: Embracing Wi-Fi 6 for a Digital Future

    “The results showed that the 'Access Point (AP) first, terminals following' strategy is effective. The new AP can improve the online user experience, and also has the ability to manage a high number of concurrent customers, avoiding network saturation during peak periods.”

  • finance succeed 03

    Under Pressure: Working and Banking from Home

    As social distancing measures were implemented globally in 2020, every banking Information Technology (IT) department had to prioritize remote working for staff. But those same under pressure departments also had to ensure systems could handle massive online and mobile customer demand. See how this bank coped.

  • finance succeed 04

    Huawei Awarded the Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year 2020 from DBS Bank

    Huawei is proud to be awarded the Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year 2020 by DBS Bank. Our team has been working closely to meet the bank's evolving requirements and drive digital transformation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • finance succeed 05

    IT Director at Absolut Bank

    Absolut Bank Builds Efficient OA Platform with Huawei OceanStor Dorado

    “ Huawei’s OceanStor All-Flash Acceleration Solution effectively improves Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) system performance as well as the internal Office Automation (OA) experience. After multiple rounds of vetting and testing, we believe that Huawei's flash products are much more superior to peer products. Additionally, Huawei provides comprehensive training, eliminating our concerns over use habits. That’s why we ultimately chose Huawei products.”

  • finance succeed 06

    Tian Yongjiang, Manager of Application and Database Management Office, China Merchants Bank

    CMB Creates Unmatched Internet Financial Values

    “ Through joint innovation with Huawei, China Merchants Bank (CMB) aims to build cutting-edge distributed database products that give a competitive edge for banking services, drive CMB’s digital transformation, and help CMB become a Financial Technology (FinTech) bank.”

  • tl pc

    Mobil Para ile Bir Gün

    Çevrimiçi Dijital Hizmetler Turuna Katılın

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