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    Kablosuz Endüstri

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Kablosuz Endüstri

Bağlantı dijitalleşmenin motorudur. Lider 4G/5G teknolojileriyle desteklenen sektörel kablosuz ağımız, her yere getirilebilen belirleyici geniş bant bağlantıları aracılığıyla kamu, ulaşım ve enerji alanlarını kapsayan dijitalleşmeyi mümkün kılıyor.

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4g 02 list cn

4G broadband access private network

Our top-notch, 5G-ready 4G broadband access private network helps build a low-cost, reliable, and elastic wireless broadband access platform for governments and industry customers such as railway and electric power. It enables industry applications such as train control and power distribution, and carries service data from end to end, speeding up digitalization for customers.

4g 01 list cn

4G broadband trunking private network

Reliable and effective trunking communication facilitates government operations and contributes to boost business growth in industries such as urban rail transit, airport, and oil/gas mining. For decades, production efficiency has been a constraint for these customers while they are using narrowband trunking which is enough to implement basic voice calls but lacks data and video capabilities. With our top-notch 4G broadband trunking private network, its inclusive power of voice, data, video, and GIS enables visualized site operations and real-time delivery of instructions. It carries conventional narrowband functions and features but provides superior performance and reliability than narrowband systems.

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5G broadband access private network

Using dedicated frequency bands, our 5G broadband access private network provides the next-gen wireless broadband access platform for scenarios such as railways and airports. It compensates 4G's inability to extend services to scenarios requiring lower latency, larger bandwidth, and higher connectivity.