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Why Huawei?

  • 3 Global Service Centers

  • 9 Integrated Verification Centers

  • 45,000+ Customers

  • 2,900+ Partners

  • 400+ ICT Academies

By 2025, the world will see upwards of 40 billion personal smart devices. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the cloud, virtual reality, big data and smart cities are fundamentally changing the way people do business.

To navigate through this vast array of new technology, and then implement the solution that works best for a particular business, is no small feat, and most organizations have neither the time nor the expertise to undertake such a large task.

Huawei is stepping up to offer smart service for smart businesses assisting business and governments all over the world with everything from strategic development and implementation to operational support to help customers achieve digital transformation.

Huawei Services

  • Implementation Service

  • Industry Cloud Enablement Service

  • Industry O&M Support Service

  • Industry Solution Service

  • Training and Certification

Basic Network Implementation Service

Huawei, using its accrued product and technical advantages, project management experience, and best practices, helps customers efficiently install devices and integrate solutions across multiple scenarios, such as WAN/Campus, mobile networks, and enterprise cloud communications.

Industry Cloud Enablement Service
Based on government and enterprise customers' requirements, Huawei provides cloud transformation services including cloud planning, design and implementation services, cloud security services and big data services, helping customers smoothly achieve a seamless cloud transformation.
Improvement Service
Huawei improvement services focus on the ICT infrastructure’s availability, O&M efficiency, and service performance. These services provide end-to-end improvement solutions for IP networks, transport networks, wireless networks, and IT systems. With the industry’s best practices, expert teams, and intelligent tools and platforms, they assess and analyze customers’ ICT systems to a detailed degree, deliver proactive O&M support and standard management, and optimize service system performance. This guarantees stable network operations and improves service quality fast. Moreover, continuous optimization ensures customers’ ICT systems work in the optimal state, to build a healthy platform for enterprise business innovation and digital transformation.
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Safe City Solution Service
Safe City Solution Service, Achieving Collaborative Public Safety
  • Transportation Solution Service

    Huawei Transportation Solution Service aims at providing a one-stop service package applicable to newly-built railways or service migration for end customers and industry partners. The solutions cover professional project management, tailored network design, network integration implementation, optimization, maintenance, and training. Based on Huawei's best practices around the world for decades, we have established a dedicated solution service team to provide our customers with optimal transportation solutions.

  • Energy Solution Service

    In terms of delivery, the scenario-specific design and specialized tools facilitate fast delivery of massive terminals, high construction quality, and compliance with industry regional standards for the power IoT.

Training and Certification Services
Training and Certification
The rapid development of the ICT industry has also driven an increase in the global demand for professionals. Huawei provides comprehensive, detailed and customized professional development solutions, including product training, professional certifications and industry trainings.


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