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GPON & eLTE Access Management

Huawei GPON & eLTE Access Management supports management and monitoring of the GPON and eLTE broadband access network. eSight ensures the stable operation of GPONs and eLTE networks by monitoring the ONU, OLT, uplink, and ports of GPONs, as well as eNodeBs, core networks, and the CPE of eLTE networks.

    A series of GPON access management devices, supporting comprehensive monitoring
    GPON Access Management

    Supports comprehensive monitoring of GPONs, enabling O&M personnel to understand the network layout and ensuring quick and accurate troubleshooting.

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  • A series of Huawei eLTE access management network devices, supporting remote monitoring
    eLTE Access Management

    Supports remote monitoring and maintenance of CPE, eNodeBs, and core network devices, helping users rapidly deploy eLTE networks and locate faults at lower costs with higher efficiency and greater stability.

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ONU Fault Locating
  • Monitors the ONU UNI port list and ONU status, reducing the time it takes to identify ONU faults
OLT Fault Locating
  • Monitors the device panel, device status, and KPIs, enabling O&M personnel to stay informed about the OLT running status and load and accelerating OLT fault-locating processes
Uplink Fault Locating
  • Monitors the local and remote devices, port status, link connectivity, bandwidth utilization, number of lost packets, and link load, accelerating OLT uplink fault locating
Health Evaluation
  • Calculates a health score based on availability (device unreachable rate and port failure rate), alarms, and performance
  • Allows users to define the importance of alarms and performance, as well as determine the calculation method
  • Allows O&M personnel to view the alarm list and query alarms related to the device
CPE Management
  • Resource management: Displays basic information about wireless access terminals, including the status, product model, IP address, version number, and cell ID
  • Terminal access: Supports the automatic connection, upgrade, and configuration file delivery of wireless access terminals by delivering the management server address to the terminals in DHCP mode in a centralized manner
  • Terminal upgrade: Supports management and monitoring of current and historical upgrade tasks. Through the batch upgrade of configuration files, firmware versions, and PnP automatic deployment eSight improves network O&M efficiency
eLTE Service Path Diagnosis
  • After users set ping test parameters and alarm thresholds for a specified radio carrier service path, eSight can ping the IP addresses to check performance indicators such as connectivity between segments in the service path, packet loss rate, delay, and signal strength. Then, eSight displays the results in tables and figures. Users can view the network status and make decisions about network deployment and service adjustment based on the results
eLTE Network Adjustment
  • Adjustment of eNodeBs and core networks: Supports remote and centralized deployment of eNodeBs and core networks using the centralized command lines. eSight can simultaneously send Man-Machine Language (MML) commands to multiple NEs of the same type, enabling batch adjustment of NE configuration parameters and efficiency enhancement
  • Adjustment of radio access terminals: Supports the querying and modification of configuration parameters, such as WAN interfaces, LAN interfaces, firewalls, DHCP, and port mapping relationships so that O&M personnel can remotely maintain and manage devices in batches
Remote CPE Maintenance
  • Provides remote and batch maintenance of wireless access terminals, offering functions such as restart upon reset, factory settings restore, and connectivity testing