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Unified Communications & Video Security Management

Huawei Unified Communications and Video security Management supports management and monitoring of unified communications, videoconferencing, and video security devices. With eSight, a large number of IP phones can be deployed and upgraded in batches, voice quality can be tracked, and video conferencing issues can be diagnosed. This promotes efficient deployment of voice communication systems and quick fault location in voice and video conferences, ensuring the stable operation of voice systems and videoconferencing systems.

    Screens and videoconferencing devices grouped together, illustrating Huawei eSite's Unified Communications Management
    Unified Communications Management

    Supports management and monitoring of unified communications and videoconferencing devices, call centers, and VTMs. 

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  • A poster of Huawei video surveillance cameras grouped together, with a Red Dot Award Winner 2016 seal in the top left corner
    Video security Management

    Supports discovery of video security resources, management of service topologies and performance, and data analysis, leading to more effective device management.

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Telepresence Conference Diagnosis
  • Supports segment by segment diagnosis, helping administrators quickly identify network problems, such as voice or video jitter, high packet loss rate, and continuous packet loss before a conference starts. eSight can also help administrators rapidly solve problems during a conference
Voice Quality Diagnosis
  • Voice tracing: Helps administrators quickly locate faults and ensure call quality (via the tracking of protocol messages), connections of port signaling links, and service flows in real time
  • Monitoring of trunk resource capacity: Helps O&M personnel identify capacity bottlenecks of trunk resources in voice calls by monitoring instant resource utilization and historical resource utilization of access routers
IP Phone Management
  • Supports batch import and upgrade of a large number of IP phones, lowering maintenance costs
  • Collects quality data from IP phones, IP PBX, and voice system servers, generates alarms, and informs O&M personnel of the faults through audio alert, email, or SMS service
Management of Multiple Devices/Systems
  • Provides comprehensive management of various audio devices and service systems, including IP PBXs, IADs, EGWs, IP phones, AT terminals, software NEs, UC service systems, meeting service systems, CC service systems, and VTM service systems
Video Stream Tracking
  • Supports diagnosis of services such as real-time browsing, recording download and playback, and real-time recording. Each module related to video services will actively report the interaction information. O&M personnel can diagnose faults according to the analysis provided by eSight and handle the faults quickly
Analysis of Video security Data
  • Provides statistics about the online camera rate, disk failure rate, and video packet loss rate. eSight also presents reports (for example, the number of live video channels and number of playback channels). With eSight, O&M personnel can ensure that the video security network is always available
Device Management
  • Supports connection and configuration of video security devices provided by various vendors, including decoders and cameras such as NVR, DVR, DVS, DC, and IPC, promoting management efficiency