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CloudEngine 5800 Series Data Center Switches

The CE5800 series switches (CE5800 for short) are the industry's first gigabit access switches that provide 40GE uplink ports. The switches support the standard IETF protocol TRILL, vertical virtualization technology Super Virtual Fabric (SVF), and flexible selection of the airflow direction (front-to-back or back-to-front). They can set up the industry's highest performance 16-member stack system and meet high-density GE access requirements of cloud networks.

The CE5800 series switches provide high-density gigabit access in data centers, helping enterprises and carriers build cloud-oriented data center networks. The switches can serve as aggregation or access switches on campus networks.

CE5800 can interwork with Huawei next-generation CloudEngine 12800 series switches to build a scalable, simplified, open, and secure cloud data center network.

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Item CE5855-48T4S2Q-EI CE5855-24T4S2Q-EI CE5850-48T4S2Q-HI
Base-T Ports 48 24 48
SFP+ Ports 4 4 4
QSFP+ Ports 2 2 2
Switching Capacity 1.28 Tbit/s (Switching capacity after stacking: 11.52 Tbit/s)
Forwarding Rate 252 Mpps 215 Mpps 252 Mpps
Airflow Design Front-to-back or back-to-front
Device Virtualization iStack1
Network Virtualization M-LAG
Traffic Analysis NetStream
Maximum Power Consumption 103W 75W 131W

1 For details about the configuration, please see:

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