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NetEngine 05E & NetEngine 08E Series

The NetEngine 05E and NetEngine 08E are mid-range service routers developed based on an SDN architecture and Huawei-proprietary NP chipsets, featuring small size and high bandwidth. Their operating temperature ranges from –40ºC to +65ºC, providing strong adaptability to various environments. They use innovative IP hard pipe technology to provide the low latency and high reliability required by business-critical services and include GUIs for one-click IP service provisioning, real-time network-wide service monitoring, and customized user report export. They are designed to meet the cloud needs of governments, enterprises, and industries such as transportation, finance, electric power, and education.



Attribute NetEngine08E-S6/S6E/S9 NetEngine05E-S2 NetEngine05E-SE NetEngine05E-SQ NetEngine05E-SG/SH/SI/SN NetEngine05EE-SJ/SK/SR/SM
Switching Capacity S6: 112 Gbit/s
S6E/S9: 320 Gbit/s
24 Gbit/s 88 Gbit/s 272 Gbit/s 24 Gbit/s SJ/SK/SR: 12 Gbit/s
SM: 8 Gbit/s
Forwarding Capability S6: 47.297 Mpps
S6E/S9: 102 Mpps
17.85 Mpps 37.2 Mpps 102 Mpps 17.856 Mpps SJ/SK/SR: 8.688 Mpps SM: 5.792 Mpps
Interfaces 10 GE/GE/FE, E1, Channelize STM-1, RS232, RS485, FXO, FSO, E&M, and X.21/V.35/X.24, etc. GE/FE,E1, RS232, RS485, FXO, FSO, E&M, and X.21/V.35/X.24, etc. 2 x 10 GE + 16 GE/FE(O) + 8 x GE/FE(E) SQ: 4 x 10 GE(O)+ 8 x FE/GE/10 GE(O) + 8 x FE/GE(O) + 8 x FE/GE(E) SG: 4 x GE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo
SH: 4 x GE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo + 2 x 8 E1
SI: 4 x GE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E, POE)
SN: 4 x GE(O) + 4 x GE/FE(E) + 4 x GE/FE Combo + 16 E1
SJ/SK/SR: 2 x FE/GE(O) + 2 x GE/GE(E) + 2 x FE/GE Combo
Support GPON ONU
SM: 1 x GE/FE(O) + 2 x GE/FE(E,POE) + 1 x FE/GE Combo
Clock 1588 V2, ACR, E1 line clock, and sync clock
Power Consumption S6: 127W
S6E: 164W
S9: 182W
55W 49.8W 80.4W SG: 24.63W
SH: 29.42W
SI: 31.87W
SN: 29.92W
SJ: 11.42W
SK: 15.39W
SR: 12.8W
SM: 17.46W (without PoE) 250.79W (with PoE full load)
Voltage -38.4V to -72V DC
100V to 240V AC
-38.4V to -72V DC
-38.4V to -72V DC
-38.4V to -72V DC
100V to 240V AC
-38.4V to -72V DC
100V to 240V AC
SJ/SR/SM: 100V to 240V AC
SK: -38.4V to -72V DC
Slots S6/S6E: 2 MPUs; 6 FICs;
S9: 2 MPUs; 9 FICs;
1 MPU; 2 FICs  0 0 0 0
Dimensions (H x W x D) S6/S6E: 88.9 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (2U)
S9: 155.5 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (2U)
44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (1U) 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (1U) 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (1U) SG/SH/SI: 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm  (1U)
SH: 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 310 mm  (1U)
SJ/SK/SR: 43.6 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm (1U)
SM: 250mm x 180 mm x 52 mm
Weight S6: 7.2 kg (15.87lb)
S6E: 10.10 kg (22.26 lb)
S9: 17.32 kg (38.2 lb)
4.9 kg (10.80 lb) 3 kg (6.6 lb) DC: 4.7 kg (10.36 lb)
AC: 4.9 kg (10.80 lb)
SG/SH: 4 kg (8.8 lb)
SI: 3 kg (6.61 lb)
SN: 5.1 kg (11.24 lb)
SJ/SK: 1.81 kg (3.99 lb)
SR: 1.7kg (3.75 lb)
SM: 2.7 kg (5.95 lb)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +65°C -20°C to +60°C -40°C to +65°C DC: -40°C to +65°C
AC: -20°C to +65°C
SG/SH/SN: -40°C to +65°C
SI: -20°C to +60°C
SJ/SK/SR: -40°C to +65°C
SM: -40°C to +55°C
Humidity 5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing

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