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    Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for Rail Transit


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Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for Rail Transit

As digital transformation gains momentum in the transportation industry, large-scale video networking, HD surveillance, real-time scheduling and decision-making, and more pose higher requirements on network security and reliability, driving the transportation production network to evolve to a converged and secure system. This solution helps build a secure, reliable, intelligent, and agile converged transport production network for the transportation industry. It uses FlexE slicing to ensure 5G-R production services, SRv6 to support flexible transport and elastic deployment of office services, and iMaster NCE + IFIT-based big data mining to provide proactive O&M, improving transportation security, efficiency, and experience.


optimize business experience

10GE Station, Super 10GE Experience

• SRv6-based refined management, specific to the load of each link
• Service-based intelligent path adjustment, more than 10 Gbps bandwidth actually experienced
• Transmission of services such as video conferencing over network slices, zero service interference

Cut Costs

Legacy Network Reuse, Reduced Investments

• Live-network devices sorted out for software upgrade
• Live network boards sorted out for capacity expansion and replacement
• Upgrade- and capacity expansion-incapable devices are used as CEs

Easy and Intelligent O&M

• NCE-IP integrates network management, network control, and network analysis capabilities
• No additional investments are required to develop third-party network analysis software, reducing O&M costs


Converged Data Network for Railway Industry: Guaranteed Service Experience, More Efficient Transport

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10GE stations

The uplink bandwidth reaches 10 Gbps after the upgrade. Moreover, SRv6 enables refined service management and intelligent path computation.

Network slicing and hard isolation

FlexE is used to carry railway services, ensuring hard service isolation. The slice bandwidth can be flexibly adjusted based on service development.

Proactive O&M and minute-level locating

IFIT accurately collects SLA information of service packets on each node and link, enabling fault locating within minutes.