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    Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Government


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Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Government

With the development of "Internet + government", "Internet + audit", "Internet + social governance", digital government, and smart society, and the reshaping of the government digitalization architecture resulting from this, it is inevitable that government networks will evolve towards intensive construction and converged service transport. To meet the requirements of various government applications, this solution leverages the leading IPv6 Enhanced architecture to build next-generation "digital government" networks that feature high speed, intensive sharing, hierarchical assurance, high security, high reliability, and future readiness. Such a network can fully cover government services at various levels to effectively solve the last-mile connectivity problem and replace siloed private networks with one transport network that features unified standards, advanced technologies, intelligent management, and high security and reliability.


Management Platform

Cloud-Network Integration, Cloud-Wide Data Sharing

• One-hop cloud access for agencies, fast provisioning of government services
• SRv6-based network adjustment upon cloud changes and automatic path optimization upon traffic surges, enabling efficient bandwidth use
• Transmission of services such as video conferencing over network slices, zero service interference

Simplified Network

One Network for All, Guaranteed Key Services

• FlexE slicing-based exclusive network resource use, enabling security isolation for the sensitive services of government agencies
• E2E independent slicing for key services
• Upgrade- and capacity expansion-incapable devices are used as CEs

All-Scenario Devices, Optimized Network Architecture

• NetEngine 8000 series, meeting the requirements of government networks at all levels
• Innovative IPv6 Enhanced technologies, improving the service types and volume supported by government networks

Mature and Stable

One-Click O&M, Panoramic Visualization, Autonomy and Self-Healing

• IFIT-based in-band flow measurement, enabling fault locating within minutes
• Traceable historical faults and innocence self-proving by the network, preventing disputes over fault demarcation


IPv6 Enhanced-based New Network Infrastructure Foundation, Facilitating Digital Government Transformation

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One cloud

SRv6-based one-hop cloud access, E2E service provisioning within minutes

One network

convergence of government private networks into one; FlexE slicing-based service isolation and private-network-like experience

New architecture

hierarchical network architecture covering various prefecture levels and meeting network construction standards; router networking capable of meeting new service development requirements

Proactive O&M

IFIT-based real-time service visualization; intelligent fault diagnosis and accurate prediction for network-wide services