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    Enterprise Network Management


  • Overview
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Parameters Network Traffic Analysis
Traffic Configuration
  • Provides GUI-based navigation to instruct user operations, after which network traffic can be monitored from multiple dimensions
  • Supports customization of applications and groups, such as IP group, interface group, DSCP group, and application group
  • Supports automatic generation of traffic alarm thresholds. Users can create alarm thresholds for application and host traffic according to the latest traffic trend. eSight automatically calculates the recommended traffic thresholds based on empirical formulas and traffic within the time period
Traffic Monitoring
  • Provides a customized dashboard to display the status of the entire network. Analysis of WAN egress link traffic provides drill-down traffic analysis capability
  • Users can select filtering criteria at each step to filter out specific traffic information
  • Analysis of enterprise campus wireless traffic: Displays the traffic distribution on campus wireless networks by application. Users can select different regions and SSIDs to view application traffic accordingly. Users can also view the application traffic of each single AC, or AP by AC, or AP name
  • Analysis on data center VXLAN traffic: Displays the traffic distribution on VXLAN networks. Users can view the application traffic of each VNI
Traffic Report
  • Provides statistical reports on device, interface, host, port, session, and DSCP traffic to help users determine the network traffic distribution
Traffic Forensics
  • Detects abnormal traffic on networks and provides the capability to obtain original data traffic so as to facilitate fault location
  • Audits the traffic forensics results by 7-tuple information, clearly displaying traffic information on networks