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    Intelligent power generation

    Digital Technology Solves Three Problems of the New Power System: Safety, Greenness and Efficiency


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Intelligent Thermal Power

Huawei's intelligent power plant solution builds intelligent infrastructures with 'one network, one AI center, and one platform' at its core. Huawei has worked with partners to build six smart applications that deliver smart construction, smart security, smart business operations, smart maintenance, smart operations, and smart plants. We are committed to building a safe, efficient, and intelligent green power plant ecosystem, helping customers improve efficiency and intrinsic safety, and build a smart, unattended power plant featuring unmanned inspection and low carbon emissions.

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Intelligent New Energy

Huawei's intelligent wind power solution uses Wi-Fi 6, industrial switches, AR routers, video cloud, and lithium battery backup to implement remote, centralized, and intelligent device management and control for wind farms. The solution increases the power production capacity of wind turbines, improves plant management efficiency, and reduces safety risks.