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    Why Wait?
    Delivered in 2 Weeks.

    Wi-Fi 6 AP + Switch + NextGen Firewall + UPS

    Higher performance, lower prices.

Promotion Details

In this always-on, 24/7, digital world, speed and security count. And time — network deployment time — matters. Because the world won't wait.

It's time to build up and secure your Wi-Fi 6 network. With 4 options to suit diverse needs, switches, Access Points (APs), firewalls, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) are now available on discount.

Order before December 15, 2021, and this vital infrastructure will be delivered to you within 2 weeks. Why wait? Take advantage of the promotion today.

  • Option 1: Buy 3 x APs and 1 x switch and get 1 more AP for free.
  • Option 2: Multi-GE switch (CloudEngine S5736-S24UM4XC) with optional value-added items for the Wi-Fi 6 era.
  • Option 3: Gigabit POE switches (CloudEngine S5735 series) for every network, starting at HK$2688.
  • Option 4: Safe and reliable UPS2000 series for small site environments.

Wi-Fi 6 AP:
AirEngine 5761-11 (11ax indoor, 2 + 2 dual bands, Smart Antennas)
AirEngine 5761-21 (11ax indoor, 2 + 4 dual bands, Smart Antennas)

PoE Switch:
CloudEngine S5735-L8P4S-A1 / S5735-L24P4X-A1/ S5735-L48P4X-A1(8/24/48 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 x 10 GE SFP+ports, PoE+, AC power)
CloudEngine S5736-S24UM4XC (24 x 1G/2.5G/5G/10GBASE-T ports, 4 x 10 GE SFP+ ports, PoE++, AC power)

CloudCampus SaaS Platform:
Huawei Cloud Management Subscription License
Huawei Cloud Management Network Intelligent Analysis Subscription Service, Foundation License

Next Gen Firewall:
HiSecEngine USG6510E AC Host (10 x GE RJ45 + 2 x GE SFP, 1 x Adapter)

UPS2000 Series:
UPS2000-A-1/2/3 kVA, Backup Time 4 min/30 min
UPS2000-G-1/2/3 kVA, Backup Time 4 min/30 min

Available in Hong Kong and Macau.

Terms and conditions: Delivery time is dependent on stock availability. Please contact Huawei or one of our partners for details.

Valid: September 1–December 15, 2021

Why Wait? Build Your Network — Today


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    Ultra-Fast Speeds

    AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 helps enterprises build Wi-Fi 6 networks without coverage holes, providing services with no waiting times and zero packet loss during roaming.
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    Simplified Network O&M

    Super Virtual Fabric (SVF), with plug-and-play capabilities, virtualizes the core/aggregation switch, access switch, and Access Point (AP) into a single logical device for simplified network O&M.
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    Diversified Security Control

    Supports 802.1X, MAC address, and Portal authentications, dynamically delivers user policies (VLAN, QoS, and ACL), and provides comprehensive mechanisms to fend off Denial of Service (DoS) and user-targeted attacks.
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    5x Performance

    Fully unleashing smart firewall defense capabilities with 5x the unknown threat detection performance compared to the previous version.