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    OceanProtect Backup Storage

    Rapid backup, rapid recovery, efficient reduction, solid resilience.


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A Change Is Going to Come: D2D2T to F2F2X

A Change Is Going to Come: D2D2T to F2F2X

With data cast as the oil of the digital world, the primary storage industry is transforming, turning away from disk media, moving toward solutions that are flash-based instead.

Yet, a significant amount of storage infrastructure — especially backup — remains rooted in the past, relying on Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T). That's a real problem, leading to unacceptably long backup windows and lengthy, unpredictable Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

But Huawei has a different vision for backup: a switch to Flash-to-Flash-to-Anything (F2F2X). And the change is already happening, with flash-based primary storage systems going mainstream, creating new data center scenarios and workloads.

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Target Storage

Why Choose OceanProtect Backup Storage?

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E2E Backup Acceleration Boosts System Performance

OceanProtect offers leading archive performance thanks to End to End (E2E) Input/Output (IO) performance optimization. As of December 2021, it provides up to 155 TB/h backup bandwidth and 172 TB/h recovery bandwidth, beating the next-best player by 3x and 5x, respectively.

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20% Higher Reduction Ratio

OceanProtect runs an advanced data reduction feature to allow you to work with more for less. Innovative technologies achieve a premium data reduction ratio of up to 72:1 — 20% better than the industry's next best — helping you save space even when working on a budget. In addition, the source and replication link deduplication features help slash network bandwidth costs.
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Solid Resilience

Ransomware is a major threat to data security. The industry-leading Huawei ransomware protection solution with backup storage provides end-to-end data encryption (data leakage prevention), WORM and secure snapshot (data tampering prevention), and Air Gap (physical isolation) technologies, to ensure high security and availability of data copies. Unlike other storage vendors, Huawei prioritizes continuity of both enterprise and staff systems, which is why we released the industry‘s first active-active dual-controller architecture — ensuring uninterrupted backup services, even in the event of a controller failure.

Compatible with Backup Software Ecosystem

A graphic to show which backup software ecosystems are compatible with Huawei OceanStor Backup Storage

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    DCIG Cyber Secure Backup Target Report

    Huawei OceanProtect X9000 Named a 2024-25 DCIG TOP 5 2PB+ Cyber Secure Backup Target

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    Wins Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo

    OceanProtect Backup Storage
    Rapid Backup, Rapid Recovery, Efficient Reduction, Solid Resilience


Model OceanProtect X3000 OceanProtect X6000 OceanProtect X8000 OceanProtect X9000
Form All-Flash HDD All-Flash HDD All-Flash HDD All-Flash HDD
Data Reduction Ratio* Up to 72:1
Max. Physical Backup Bandwidth of the System 6.2TB/hr 19TB/hr 55TB/hr 155TB/hr
Max. Logical Backup Bandwidth of the System 18.5TB/hr 45TB/hr 117TB/hr 310TB/hr
Max. Recovery Bandwidth 5.9TB/hr 1TB/hr 22TB/hr 8TB/hr 57TB/hr 24TB/hr 172TB/hr 48TB/hr
Max. Number of Nodes 1 1 2 2
Usable Capacity of the System 16TB-300TB 16TB-800TB 16TB-2PB 16TB-3.6PB
Data Disk Types 3.84TB/7.68TB 4/8/14/20 TB NL-SAS 3.84TB/7.68TB SAS SSD
15.36TB/30.72TB NVMe SSD
4/6/8/10/14/20 TB NL-SAS 3.84TB/7.68TB SAS SSD
15.36TB/30.72TB NVMe SSD
4/6/8/10/14/20 TB NL-SAS 7.68TB SAS SSD
15.36TB/30.72TB NVMe SSD
8/14/20 TB NL-SAS
Supported RAID Levels RAID 6 (default), RAID 5 (optional), and RAID-TP (optional)
Front-End Port Types 8/16/32 Gbit/s FC, 10/25/40/100 GbE
Front-End Storage Protocols NFS, SMB, FC, iSCSI
Software Functions Inline deduplication and compression, multi-tenancy, quota management, snapshots, remote replication, audit logs, intelligent service
quality control, data erase, etc.
System Management Device O&M (DeviceManager), Remote O&M (DME IQ)


Integrated Appliance

Leading Data Protection for the New Ecosystem

In the integrated appliance scenario, Huawei OceanProtect integrate the backup software, backup server, backup storage, backup data management, and cyber resilience through data backup features, improving backup ecosystem compatibility, enabling efficient data backup and quick utilization, and reducing data protection costs.

The product is well suited to a wide range of industries, including the government, finance, carrier, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

Why Choose OceanProtect Integrated Appliance?

optimize business experience

Rapid Backup

• Native-format backup avoids format conversion, while parallel backup of multi-node streams is available for ultra-large clusters of PB capacities. • Redirect-on-write technology enables full backup synthesis in seconds for ultra-fast backup. • GUI-based unified configuration of backup, replication, and archive policies; global retrieval of hundreds of millions of files in seconds.

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High Resilience

• Data resilience: Support WORM, Ransomware detection, flexible data anonymization policies and Air Gap technologies. • Architecture resilience: Dual-controller active-active architecture ensures full-redundancy hardware. • Lifecycle management: Supports remote replication and archive-to-cloud for data copies, object storage, and tape libraries.

Intelligence on Demand

Premium Compatibility

• Comprehensive protection: Traditional ecosystem applications and new ecosystem applications are widely compatible. • Compatible with 100+ ecosystem applications, including databases, virtualization, cloud platforms, containers, files, data warehouses, big data, and containerized applications.


Parameters OceanProtect X6000 OceanProtect X8000 OceanProtect X9000
Node Height 2U 4U
Dimensions(H x W x D) 86.1 mm x 447 mm x 820 mm 175mm×447mm×865mm
Front-End Port Types 1/10/25 GbE 16/32 Gbit/s FC, 1/10/25 GbE
RAID Type RAID 2.0+
RAID Levels RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID-TP (tolerates simultaneous failure of 3 disks)
Usable Capacity Per Node 16TB - 800TB 150TB - 1PB 150TB - 2.1PB*
* The units of usable capacity, TB and PB, are equivalent to TiB and PiB.
Application Ecosystem
Databases:Oracle、SQL Sever、MySQL、DB2、Redis、GuassDB、PostgreSQL etc.
Virtualization:VMware、Hyper-V、Red Hat、FusionCompute、Kubernetes etc.
OS Files: Linux、Windows、AIX、Solaris、HP-UX etc.
Storage: NAS storage etc.
Enterprise applications: SAP, Exchange, Exchange 365 etc.
Big Data: HDFS、HBase、Hive、ElasticSearch、ClickHouse etc.
Cloud: Open Stack Cloud、Huawei DCS、Huawei Cloud Stack etc.
Copy Data Flow Copy archiving for long-term retention | Copy data asynchronous replication

* Please contact Huawei sales representatives for more information.


Technical Support